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we are 'the leading edge' I Share on HSO
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  1. Thanks for sharing MN Mike! Was out west a few weeks ago and had some of the best snow i've had in years. Plus it dumped on us when we were out there so we rode hard one day and the next day it was all covered with fresh POW!
  2. Central Bassman

    Fantasy Bass

    I agree on the new format.
  3. Hester... What happen? I'm almost doing better then you this season.
  4. I'm the same way and follow all of the pro's you have listed. I also follow Randall Tharp, Justin Lucas, Dennis Tietje and Vona. "Like" Brent Ehrler... He's photos are great!
  5. Hopefully you got in, we have a big group again.
  6. Congrats to him!! Good to see a northern boy taking home the hardware.
  7. JPZ, Bassmaster (B.A.S.S.) is still listed under the ESPN more sports tab, although they are not owned by ESPN's parent company anymore. Either way you can also search this in any search engine and find the link. Has anyone else checked out the odds on Bass Fan yet?
  8. Hello All, I have once again created a fantasy fishing group for the forum members for the 2014 B.A.S.S. season. The group name is Hot Spot Outdoors, this is a public group for anyone to join. The season will be starting soon, don't forget to set your roster! Good luck everyone!! Mitch
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