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  1. ocf1

    Vendetta Rods

    Anyone have a comparison of the Skeet rods to the vendetta?
  2. ocf1

    A couple Hayward area lakes

    I was out on chetek and birch about 2 weeks ago. We fished the channel between the lakes with limited success. Once we were in chetek the pads were the hot ticket, many good sized bass in that lake. We had some fun fishing around the islands also. I would love to make it back out there for more than the afternoon we were out there. A lot of fishy waters in that area.
  3. Casseta's in st paul is awesome for pizza and pasta. I have never seen a restaurant treat a group of 50 9th graders with such respect.
  4. ocf1


    The bluefin was fun to watch. They fought the thing for 3 hours with a winch, thats impressive to me. Hopefully there is some more fishing the next couple of episodes though.
  5. ocf1

    chartreuse what a wonderful color

    I buy greens, I have more confidence in that color for no reason really, but hey it takes guess work out.
  6. ocf1

    should i play senior year of football?

    I'm at apple valley, Im not sure about in season/pre season, but this summer we really worked hard... Good Luck this season!
  7. ocf1

    should i play senior year of football?

    I'll be in 10th, I am in the best shape that I have ever been in so hopefully that will help out. Do you play for anoka?
  8. ocf1

    should i play senior year of football?

    Burnham I feel you on the 2 a days... This is my first year of 2 a days and am nervous
  9. ocf1

    Glad he is gone!

    Anyone see the the southpark where they meet Cutler? I think the same applies for Orton...
  10. ocf1

    Aggresive Pike

    I had that happen this summer with 2 pound bass and a 44 inch musky. It hit when the bass was being reeled in on the surface right by the boat. I held on for my life while the musky did the same. Ended netting the both after a minute of not knowing what to do. The bass was my limit fish for my tourney, swam right off after release, even with some very visible teeth marks...
  11. ocf1

    Deeper Water Tactics

    Rattle Traps can be necessary If your weed line is over 15 feet deep just to get to the strike zone. My question is how do you identify a hard bottom on a color sonar like the HDS series?
  12. ocf1

    Life Time BASS members

    Im thinking about considering its my 3rd year and I am only 15, What are some of the benefits of having it?
  13. ocf1

    Small Mouth in August

    Planning a trip? haha. If anyone has pointers im all ears, I can't catch smallies for my life.
  14. ocf1

    Favorite Food to Snack on in the boat?

    Great value drink sugar free drink mix packs. Better than Koolaid and sugar free. Great for the hot days!