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  1. champion198elite

    No 2011 Bassmaster Weekend Series in MN or WI

    The TBF is the best choice out there(IMOP), it gives the angler the best chance at going somewhere.
  2. champion198elite


    Someone must really think he's something to wanna tweet during a tourney!!
  3. champion198elite

    Here kitty kitty.......

    Opp's, thats not gonna work!!
  4. champion198elite

    Here kitty kitty.......

    How about "[e-mail:[email protected]] Cat"??
  5. champion198elite

    Here kitty kitty.......

  6. champion198elite

    Defensive fishing

    You cant worry about what others might be doing. Put your head down and go fishing
  7. champion198elite

    Tonka Classic Results??

    Any results??
  8. champion198elite

    Skeeter FX20

    80.2??? I saw the same boat this weekend at a tourney and going down stream(2mph flow) he only hit 73 and some change. 80 mph seems a bit steep...........but I guess its always possible. The elite guys arent even getting those kinda numbers. I'm just sayin'
  9. champion198elite

    ESPN Fantasy League

    HA HA HA
  10. champion198elite

    swim jigs

    Great!! Your gonna love the Brovarney Swim Jigs.
  11. champion198elite


    I actually had a 2 hr lunch w/ Dudley and he's not using braid anymore, he said he uses Trilene flouro for everything.
  12. champion198elite


    DD, You mentioned "knot strength" as a disadvantage, why?? I've yet after 3plus years had any problems with knot strength when using power pro.
  13. champion198elite

    swim jigs

    Brovarney Baits!! Enough said. j/k Dan and Casey at Brovarney have spent along time developing their jigs making sure the angle of the eye is perfect, the color selection is endless and they are easy to work with.
  14. champion198elite


    1.Champ 2.Basscat 3.Legend
  15. champion198elite

    The Classic is coming!

    I'm with East Rush, I think Matt Herren will be a force to watch, he's a stud down in that neck of the woods. Then I gotta go with Ike and Skeet and Kelly Jordan is my sleeper pick.