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Canada Aug 08

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Well, we are back safe and sound from the annual family vacation. We had a great time even though the weather was not the best. We can't controll that cry

I believe it rained every day minus thursday. Some days a few showers, other days all morning.

We caught lots of fish. The walleyes were quite active the first 3 days. 2 hour morning and evening outings yeilded about a dozen fish. Then a ten day low slid out and a high pressure moved in. We still picked a few here and there but it was tougher. By friday they were getting active. The smallies were numerous and scrappy. We got into some nice gills on our walleye spots also.

Swimming wasnt bad, water temp was around 75ish...

Heres a bunch of pictures...

On the way up we stopped at the mexico exit for some breakfast and got to see a full double rainbow. I couldnt fit the whole thing in the photo though...


We got up there and unpacked in time for Tank and I to hit the water for a bit. Motored out to the spot on the spot, his first cast he was into one...


A nice 15 incher...


A few cast later a 21...


I got in on things too...


My niece Emma's first fish...



One morning Beth and I took a boat ride down through the lake to fish the river at the outflow.

A little fog on the water and a nice reflection...



The river is loaded with these. Most run 9-12 inches but with some bigger mixed in. She probably caught literally 100 in a few hours plus I played with lots on the flyrod grin


Only allowed 10 pictures in a post. Continued....

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Beths first walleye. Earlier she lost one that I got a good looks at that was a 21-22incher. She was prety bummed for a while...


Give em room Brodie!...



Did some snorkeling with my friends...


Do they have good camo or what?


Some canoeing...


A macro for Todd cool


Some clouds and sunsets...




Continued again...

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Tank with a darkie...


A toothy...


A few life lessons with Grandpa and Uncle Jay...

1) real minnows taste better than preserved ones. She may or may not have chewed on the minnow a bit? Those of you that know me can guess which one sick


2) Drink it fast or it gets warm.


3) its ok to kiss fish, preferably walleyes.


4) Dont throw rocks in the outhouse or you'll get freckles.


more picts later, im wooped...

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Looks like everyone had a blast. Where did you do the trip at?

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Nice vacation pics pal. Out house pic and caption, classic. Pretty gill.

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Thanks guys, it was a very nice week...

SuperBee - South Eastern Ontario, a few hours north of Kingston. We have been going there as a family since the early 80's and my dad first went there as a teenager about 45 years ago. Dont laugh Frankie but the lake there is named Crotch Lake...

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Franky your familiar with the area Jay's talking about. I heard of that chain of lakes from Tuzzy... He told me me it's near one of his favorite lakes crotch sniffer laugh

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Nice pics Jay looks like you had a great time I just might have to get my passport and go up there.I really need to have a vacation at a place like that wink.

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Awesome, I'm starting to look forward to this trip! Great pics, your neice is a cutie. You and Tank covered some important lessons all kids should learn. Those blue gills must have been hungry to hit buck tails.

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What me laugh?? Well ok, I had to. That outhouse picture is priceless and a great caption too. Fantastic pics as usual.

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