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  1. Yeah it was fun fishing with Tim, Justin, Jack and Harold, I think thats everyone King? I worked Friday night and took off from work Saturday a.m.. Last minute trip guys sorry I didn't get the word out. Jay your ice was a lot better than the variable ice we had on Mayfield. Like Tim said you could have concentrated on 4" perch all day and done well. Most people left but we gutted it out and stayed late and it paid off the last hour and 15 minutes. Bud and Tyler texted in and they did well fishing down there way with some nice crappies fishing the trees. Well done guys!
  2. Well a little late on the report and I apologize. On Sunday we had a small group that went off the east end of Oneida for Waldos. Fishingking, Franky, Kyle, Jimmy, Tyler, Bud and myself.. We marked a lot of fish early in the a.m. but it wasn't til 10 a.m. til we started putting a few on the board. Fished til 1:50 p.m. and I had caught two, Tyler had two and Bud missed two at the hole. I think everyone changed lures multiple times to figure out what they wanted. I want to Thank Tyler and Bud for making the haul up from Averill Park it was great seeing you. Good time with a few of the gang.
  3. Yeah well 26' was pretty slow this a.m. 3 guys, two walleyes and 13 perch and not marking much of anything after 11 a.m. There was a bunch of guys lined up in 18' off of Edgewater and they weren't moving
  4. OK Guys I know I have been a weekend angler for the most part since starting the new job and quite frankly it sucks but hey the cash is comin in.. Jay thanks for the video that was frickin awesome! Here is what I know for the mini event Sunday on Oneida. Bud and Tyler are coming up to fish the big O and all are welcome to attend. We will be meeting at Marion Manor at 0630 a.m. to pick up some small fatheads for a east end trip on Oneida for some walleyes. Right now, Kyle, Frank and Freddy and his Dad and a one or two of their friends will be fishing, and I say the more the merrier. Proba
  5. Done with walleyes, got that out of my system. Freddy, hopefully I wont have to work Friday a.m., plan on testing the LX-7 out in some heavy weeds with Kyle. Probably have to go to a wake Saturday for a long time Men's Fastpitch Softball coach that passed away yesterday and also try to find time to ride up and see Jay at the Expo sometime between Friday and Sunday Yep a blown power steering line went on my van the other day on my way to oneida, all fixed and ready to roll.
  6. Great pics guys, keep em comin! Fished with Zecca and Tim today at Oneida. we marked more than we caught as usual. Rob had one eye when I left a nd lost a couple, I had one eye and a perch and Tim caught two eyes. walleyes were acting weird, they just didn't want to work for it or we just couldn't get a good system going. Marked well over 25 fish and we had minnows, spikes and every fish we caught was on something different so we could'nt pattern them either. We fished off th east end of Oneida in 20 - 24' and the ice is still a good 6" black and it was raining when I left also very little
  7. Hitting Oneida in the a.m. looking for perch.. Nothing much off Edgewater, yesterday, fished 21' and caught a 16" eye and a perch. Marked only eight or 9 fish from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. I may have dozed off for about an hour in my trap I think Dave - We have plenty of time to hit it. OT is good when you can rack $32.60 an hour, sweet!
  8. Dark Cloud - I know I saw it. I will be getting to Oneida tomorrow a.m. after work and breakfast. Hopefully parking will still be available Lakeshore Rd. Fishing with Freddy. Call me if your heading that way tomorrow. No phone calls after 6 p.m. tonight if you expect me to respond gotta work at 11:30 p.m. Good luck fishing this weekend.
  9. Way to go Jay! Jay, check your email if you haven't.. Rapala and MarCum join forces! Workin all weekend boys.. Just got the word, Yikes
  10. Got that right Franky. Nice perch Dave. Picked up 3" of light snow here this a.m.
  11. Thanks for the report Dave. Freddy no doubt you guys made the right call, not going up. still snowing in rome. Have about an inch and 1/2 on the ground and predicted a trace to 3" until 7 p.m. At work last night I met a fellow named Tom and if you by chance need some bait or tackle in the Rome, Floyd, Marcy area visit Tom's shop, Hometown Bait and Tackle, 9835 River Rd, Marcy, NY 13403. (315) 534-9740 Open Wed.-Fri, 5 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Sat aand Sun 5 a.m. - 5 p.m. You can also visit them on Facebook at HometownBait. Fishing dependent on how much snow we get between now and when I get out of
  12. Doug - Well I didn't think I could fool Mr. Madison County, LOL.. Thanks Dave I think this weather is pretty dicey for icy and if I was unemployed I would be going up to black lake sleeping in my van at night and way laying on the pannies everyday for a fricken week. Texted with Chris yesterday and it was a stupid slaughter on Black yesterday,. Chris alone caught a couple hundred gills, limit of crappies and a first soaked his ice armor glove right through handling fish. Kyle and Lee were up there too and I am hoping that someone snapped a pic of a robust pile of pannies for us to ponder. Oh
  13. Freddy and I fished a couple lakes in Madison County today ice was only a hair shy of 3" on one lake and a hair short of 4" on the lake we fished in the afternoon. I caught the biggest largemouth bass of my life today, 6.3 lb's on my fly rod and reel and it took 15 minutes to get her in. We also caught some bluegills, crappies and a few perch. After 12 p.m. we didn't mark many fish. Heres a few cell pics of the trip. A couple more... Freddy scores! And the only decent perch I caught..
  14. Sorry guys.. I guess I wont be fishing Saturday until later during the day. Got the word about 4:30 a.m. that I am working Fri. night to Sat a.m.. Can't do anything about it while I am on probation for three more months
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