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  1. Fullmoon

    Fighting Sioux II

    Very nice work!! Thanks for posting the way you do the butt. Always nice to see someone else's idea and then hear how it's done.
  2. Getting down to the wire. Only a couple weeks before I leave. I've done a lot of research and have some lure ideas for the rivers I plan to fish. Just wondering what you guys would suggest. I plan on taking some with and buying the rest while there and after asking locally. Open to ideas. We'll be fishing for a little of everything while there. I know the King numbers are down this time of year and that some rivers are closed so...It's all good as far as I'm concerned. Taking a couple new reels too. Okuma Epixor E. Sweet reels and the baitrunner feature is very nice. Thanks in advance ! Ray
  3. Fullmoon


    Thank you much!!!
  4. Fullmoon


    Deep Down, Will be in Anchorage for a day (6/19), on to Homer and Seward, Soldanta, and the Kenai. Hoping around the area isn't a problem. Would love to hit the Golkana but that will be too much driving, I think. Hope to fish all these areas at least a little since I'll have time each day if not the whole day. Advice as to where, time and what to use (and who if needed) is appreciated. Have one day for Halibut and Rocks booked with Capt. B's. Another day with someone else? Maybe, but I think I'd rather hit a river trip with a guide. Both if I can swing it. lol Thanks in advance to all. The door here in Central NY is always open. Ray
  5. Fullmoon

    canoe depth finder

    Nice idea! Can you post a picture of that? Would like to see it. Thanks
  6. Fullmoon


    Headed up June 3 for 2 wks. Booked for Halibut and now trying to find a guide for some river fishing. Advice? Hard to choose! Thanks in advance. Can email to [email protected]
  7. Fullmoon

    crappie blank recommendations

    A couple suggestions for blanks: The MHX line has the S781-MHX and the S841-MHX as well as the IP 840 , North Forks MB661 and lastly, a 3S66LF
  8. Fullmoon

    Reel seat arbors

    Well said and very important
  9. Fullmoon

    rod blank wholesaler....

    I'll be in touch and we can toss some ideas around. I've had great luck with people in the US I've used and having them made to me specs. Either way the prices have been good to great
  10. That's how I see it. Might as well enjoy the time we have as much as we can. You have to go! I'm hoping to go every year from now on. Laurie and I have a tentative plan for future trips. If you ever go, let me know and we'll give you all our info. both good and bad. Heck, I'll go up and fish with you!! Let's fish the softwater this year. Keep in touch
  11. Sounds great DC. As always, anything I've got, you're welcome to take. Can't wait to see the finished rod and hear how it works. I have my first production run of the fly rods I spec'd out. Very nice for the money. Have to letyou and tank try one out and give me your opinion. Just the start of things to come!
  12. Fullmoon


    Sounds good
  13. Fullmoon

    Madison Co.

    My girlfriend lives on BB. I'm loving it. lol I'll be fishing in NY until June 3 then we're off to Alaska for 2 wks. Sounds like we should be doing some fishing this year! Tim has my cell # or email me and I'll give it to you. I lost yours with phone changes.
  14. Guys, I'm out in Eaton all the time now and will soon have a boat on Bradlely Brook along with a couple canoes. Anytime you want to fish someplace within driving distance, let me know! Making the most out of this year. Todd, Doug? You in? Jay, I want to get some of that gear to you.