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  1. Well got out on one of our early season regulars for the last hr and a half tonight managed 6 nice gills and 1 - 11" crappie ... Nice to get out again!! Gonna try and hit it tomorrow AM .. Not sure how it's gonna be though, ice was kinda sketchy maybe if the rain holds off..
  2. went to eatonbrook tonight 1 9" crappie and lost 2 more thats it
  3. spent a few hrs on eatonbrook in the kayak...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr its cold out there, and no fish!
  4. thunder- Tusc. is 99% free a little on the south end bay, eatonbrook pond side is open, the maj of the main lake is open just a little by the launch and toward the dam.I havent been anywhere else , im gonna try from the kayak tomorrow, weather and wind pending any luck with the perch?
  5. gag,spit,cough , dry heave still cant get the bad vex taste out of my mouth.
  6. at least we all qualified Nathan and I placed 5th woot woot!!
  7. Lees hold wasnt strong enough!!lmao fridays college night
  8. Decent day prefishing yesterday found some nice fish Went to dinner w/ Kyle and Lee got back to my rm to find the lid on my big bait puck was loose,needless to say it takes a while too pick up a few hundred spikes and when the hotel is 90 deg man those things move fast!!!!!!Headin back out in 30min for rnd 2
  9. Hey Dora you got a talking backpack to keep that rod in? lmao
  10. Lee- You guys can fish saturday also, second place is always an option
  11. Anyone else from our crew goin up? Ill be up prefishing thurs. and friday with Nathan then taking 1st place on saturday
  12. Frank and Lee - Not yet maybe next year, I talked to dec about it sunday
  13. Guys im looking for a cheap snowmobile trailer if anyone has any leads i'd appreciate it.
  14. well back from the same spot as yesterday, 24 jumbos, 2 walleye (17 ,17 1/2" ) lost 2 bigger ones at the hole. Also caught a smallmouth and a bunch of pin pike. Majority of fish were caught on a hexi-fly loaded w/ spikes. Was ok in the AM then absolutely nothing from 10-12:30 ish, then slowly back into them.
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