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  1. I think I heard them at the lake last night . . .beer was good though.
  2. Beth, do not let him mount them on the wall!! Congrats again to the whole family.
  3. Went with the neighbors to our favorite Bar and wandered over to the lake and who do I see praying in the Preacher's box but our favorite Dead Head. We all had the same luck so progressed to something we were better at that night. The beer was cold and the talk was sufficient. Great seeing you Doug, wow 2 years is a long time. All of us should figure out how we can do a Summer and Winter outing together . . . despite commitments and families . . . at least attempt it.
  4. Was checking the green trees this morning on the drive in to work and I would say we are at least 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Ought to be an interesting turkey season.
  5. she was just trying to keep her sex appeal down . . .Glad you were able to have some NY hospitality.
  6. watch out for those Times Square hootchy koothchies
  7. I played 9 holes yesterday!! Almost went ice fishing on Delta
  8. The guys on this site are mostly from central NY and about 5+ hours from the city, so unless you get lucky, I don't think we have any info to pass on. You might want to just check the internet and hope for some customer ratings. First trip to NYC . . . do some sight seeing, it will be worth it. Madison Square Gardens, Brooklyn Brewery, Grand Central Station, Statue of Liberty. Times Square. . .that should fill up a half day.
  9. King Have to agree with you. I'll be there on Saturday with Cindy . . .she should have a ball with the dinks, but one never knows what may show up. Josh's 3lb smallie showed that. We all got a handful of decent perch with my 13 incher taking the prize. It is always interesting to see the entertainment when three shelters are within 10 feet of each other fishing deep . . . you are guaranteed to have it sound like someone has a double . . .hey, there is a line around my fish!!
  10. itchy trigger finger from a poor hunting season. Thought I could cure it by some ice fishing . . .but either too many dinks or too many yoyoing . . .but still ice fishing is ice fishing. Don't like the forecast for this weekend but if you don't go, you don't know. Besides my suit floats.
  11. Great job King . . .may see you at the last lake I saw you . . .might as well go where the fish are biting.
  12. Just chimming in to say hello to everyone . . . realized because of the surgery last year I haven't been on the ice for almost two years, so looking forward to catching up with all of you on the ice. It is a shame about the two guys, so be safe everyone. I like the looks of the LX7 will have to see one in action first hand to see if it really makes a difference or more entertaining. That screen should be able to incorporate video . . .
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