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  1. We need 2 more 50 degree days then back down in the teens
  2. 15* here this morning and yesterday we added about 8 to 9 inces of snow this should make the walking real nice .
  3. Good job guys I guess it doesnt matter what time of day you catch walleyes in oneida its just the fact of finding feeding fish .Pman did you mark any bait out that deep?
  4. Did the Oneida lake stroke today for a few hrs and you were right Pman the walking was terrible along with the fishing .I managed 6 jumbos and they were donated to my buddy Donnies creel. Iceman sorry I missed you out there we were on a mission to the NW about 3/4 of a mile out and thats all I could take for walking we will hook up soon. Timmy I hope you get that showdown thing figured out I am anxious to see how that thing works with the dual beam .
  5. 2010 into 2011 very warm 50degree weather and some heavy rain and wind here this morning what a way to start the new year .
  6. Happy New Year to every one and their familys .
  7. Good job guys OH and you to Dave the big O I would think would be a very good bite this season seeing how the fall B L E W .Pman nice to see you doing what you like to do I will run into you sometime soon I am sure
  8. Priceless Pics there Tim I know Tyler was tall last time I seen him but the Marines have really streched him out .It is nice to see you home for the holidays Tyler you take care and thankyou for serving our country .
  9. I think I am going to try were Timmy marked all those suckers the other day
  10. DC can you send some of that nice black ice up this way we have alot of that marble ice here.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays.
  12. Pman, I guess that oneida is capped let the ice making machine start before the other machine does .
  13. 3 degrees above 0 here this morning no wind snap crackle pop .
  14. DC. you have to hate those long rods and even that sweet reel that I will have for a the customs I have.I use to fish with a good friend rest his soul he used 35 to 40 inch rods (limber) for waldos on oneida he very seldom came off the ice without fish .Those are some clean looking fish nice job.
  15. It is snowing lightly here right now and the temp is at 14* wind chill F-ING COLD
  16. I ordered artic armor bibs and jacket through outdoor pro store does anyone know how there shiped?UPS,FED EX it doesn't say????
  17. That is sweet Tank being on ice 12/10/10 that had to feel good . I am hopeing to be on the ice next weekend some where testing some new stuff that I made just recently
  18. Its 2 degrees out right now here in the valley I have friday off and hope to do some scouting around to see what we have for ice .
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