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  1. When I can salsa I use a slotted spoon to load it in the jars. When I get down to a thin soupy mixture, I just can that and use it as a soup base. Or poach some fish in it and serve over rice. Or add it to a meat sauce for over pasta...
  2. Thanks all! That recipe took me a few years of testing The nice thing about it is you can make a few jars and tweak em however you want - put some sugar in one, some horseradis in one, hot peppers in another...
  3. Havn't fished them yet but looking forward to it. The Tumbler is pretty much a copy of the old Luhr-Jensen Hus-Lure, which has been one of my favorite crappie, perch, and eye spoon for close to 20 yrs...
  4. Never saw Zing Zang till the other day while strolling through walmart of all places. I gotta say it is awesome. probably the best pre-made bottled I have tried. Had a few "stock" and a few with some v-8 and horseraddish added. I will be buying more
  5. Good stuff folks! I havnt had rubarb pie in a long time. When my strawberries are ready in the garden i'll try that recipe with a few berries tossed in. p.s. - I fixed the butter/vinegar thing...
  6. Wife has to work tomorrow so we had our holiday meal today. Shrimp boil and Porterhouses! I dont go crazy with steaks - just a little olive oil and montreal seasoning... for the boil - 3-4 quarts of water, a lemon cut up, 3 tablespoons of salt, a bag of "boil" seasoning... new red taters boiling for 8-10 min sausage and corn in for 5-6(i like to us a fully cooked anduille sausage) mussels and shrimp in for about 3-4... Add some recipe and picts!
  7. The wife wanted to go for a walk out back with the kids... no problem, but you cant go for a walk without a fishing rod...
  8. Dont hold back man, tell us how you really feel!
  9. Now im worried... A buddy built one out of the same fridge, says it has foam insulation. Im reading bad things about the foam insulation and toxic fumes at higher temps. He's only doing fish at low temps. I'd like to be able to run slightly higher temps. Guess I gotta research some more and start taking this thing apart...
  10. It is huge! Inside dimensions are 5ft and 24in by 24in... Im leaning towards electric with a thermostat...
  11. Finally got my hands on a fridge/freezer to convert into a smoker! Not sure If I want to go electric or not? Not sure where I'll find time to work on it either... but it is in my posession and was free!
  12. I saw a guy with one of those on the ice this past week. It looked rather impressive! Fast and unbelievably quiet. I wanted to go over and check it out further but was too busy catching...
  13. It was a gift Good, but not good enough for me to order myself,
  14. The product I used was a hash with taters in it. Quite similar to the canned stuff but better. It was from a place in called Nueskes. For christmas I had gotten a sampler pack from them
  15. How could it be bad? We had a few 1# packages of breakfast style corned beef in the freezer, it was very good but kinda loose and crumbly... Heres where the meatloaf idea came in... I chopped up about 12-15 uncooked tater tots, added an egg, some black pepper, and a dozen crushed up ritz crackers - mixed this with a pound of the corned beef and made it into a loaf. Into the over for 30 min at 375, then under the broiler till she got nice and crispy... Was perfect with a little hot sauce and some over easy eggs! Cant wait to make it again1 Next time im going to add some shredde
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