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  1. It’s a great place, kind of small but lots to see and do. We’ve been members for the past couple years. The Adirondack Museum is on the way (Blue Mountain). That’s an awesome museum also.
  2. Otis1

    Air brush jigs

    Great video! Thanks for taking the time and putting it up.
  3. Otis1

    Air brush jigs

    If any of you air brush guys could put up a picture tutorial on that it would be much appreciated!
  4. Otis1

    Stinger hooks

    I've made some laker jigs for people and molded light wire into the lead. I wrap it around the hook bend, and have it follow the hook out the bottom of the mold. Once I was finished tying the jig, I wrapped a single colored hook on the wire, then finished it off with silver or gold tinsel. I believe I know who used to tie up your jigs! I get some stuff through him. He just tied snelled hooks into the wrap, then snipped the mono off at the wrap.
  5. Otis1

    Oneida lake ice

    I have to work tomorrow, and Thursday is out. I'm planning on heading out Friday morning. Saturday and Sunday are open too. I'll keep an eye out on here, and maybe we can meet up Friday.
  6. Give me a shout if you need some jigs Doug. Molding up some 2 ouncers for a friend of mine. Think they'll wrok on Caz?
  7. Otis1

    Oneida lake ice

    Got back from Silver City. Met up with Iceman, Walleyeboy and his father. Lots of those silver things. Cuoldn't conect with any walleye. It was great fishing with you guys. Met pman in the parking lot, nice meeting you as well. Didn't take long to book up Thursday, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday are open for now. Let me know if anyone's planning on heading out.
  8. Change of plans. I’m not going to New Orleans. My wife is flying out by herself to visit her family and friends. I’ll be home with the kids. I got Monday, Thursday, and Friday off next week if anyone would like to get out. I might have one of the little ones with me, but there pretty good fisherkids for their age. I’m looking to get out as much as possible.
  9. Otis1

    Happy Birthday Tank

    Happy birthday Tank!
  10. Ya, the Garage is starting to get very important to me also. I got a bill for my "free" storage from RC Congels. I won't be going back there next year. I looked up the link and thought it looked like it was on the canal. Either way it's a great deal. It shouldn't take long to sell. I couldn't buy it because of the agent, just went through heck with them.
  11. Is it on the south side of Oneida Creek, or the north side of the Canal?
  12. Thanks for the invite, but we'll be on the road for Valentines. Hopefuly next year.
  13. Otis1

    Oneida lake ice

    I think we're going out from the beach tomorrow morning.
  14. Otis1

    Oneida lake ice

    Good luck and bring the camera. Nick and I are probably heading to Caz. Hopefully we can get there early enough to get a parking spot.
  15. Otis1

    Oneida lake ice

    Good job guys. Anyone heading out tomorrow?