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  1. superbee

    camp manitou

    Terry Halverson with Borderland Realty from Nestor Falls usually has the information on all sales of property like this
  2. superbee


    Lost Island Lodge is a great choice if you are looking at Lac Seul. If you are wanting to go in June, better hurry and book. It may be to late already.
  3. The lake trout are biting. White tube did the trick. Trips still available.
  4. The lake trout are biting! Dates still available. Drive to cabins with running water or remote snowmobile accessible cabins.
  5. Come and experience some great hard water action for lake trout/crappie/walleye just 1 hour over the border. Drive to cabins with hot and cold running water or remote cabin trips accessible with snowmobiles. Call or email for additional information. www.gatewaynorthoutfitters.com
  6. superbee

    Let's talk plows

    There is no comparison with a straight blade vs a v plow, the v plow is twice the blade.
  7. The lake conditions are not favorable currently in most areas. The deep snow earlier created lots of slush and with the past warm up, more slush is showing up. Travel with caution. If heading out travel light and carry the proper equipment in case you get in a situation. This is a picture from yesterday.
  8. superbee

    Problems staying logged in...

    I have the same issue different times. There is no real pattern at all. Multiple times on forum with no issue or even months, then I will have it every time I use the forum for a few days. Funny thing is even I do not change any settings, it will resolve the issue itself.....until the next episode.
  9. superbee

    Possible world record lake trout seized?

    My understanding would be that it is legal if all fish are immediately released, especially since the warden checked this guy and let him continue fishing when he already had kept his limit. That being said though, this is probably one of those things that is all up to the wardens interpretation. I wish I had a better answer. It is a shame with everything surrounding this fish, party fishing is illegal, but most everyone does it. It will be interesting to see how things end up.
  10. superbee

    A rare 20lb walleye!

    Honestly, I can't even imagine. Any measurements?
  11. superbee

    Possible world record lake trout seized?

    There was a time that 2 trout per day was allowed, but that was at least 10+ years ago. If they were keeping 2 per day in recent years, they were bending the rules or did not know better. I guess he figured it best to tell the truth than possibly get caught later and be in even more trouble. Not good to put that much information online and interviews with the newspapers and then try to change the story after the fact when CO's start questioning you.
  12. superbee

    Possible world record lake trout seized?

    Hopefully Xplorer knew about the the 1 per day/ 2 total possession if he was fishing those areas. That rule has been in place for at least 10+ years. If not, he obviously was never checked by the CO's. I would recommend picking up a regulation book once in a while or inquiring about limits when purchasing a license. The crappie have been very sporatic. Get them one day and then nothing for the next time.
  13. superbee

    Possible world record lake trout seized?

    check again?
  14. superbee

    Possible world record lake trout seized?

    I agree that the no party fishing seems nit picky, it gets done more times than not and is never an issue. Unfortunately this has gotten lots of publicity and is an issue that most likely will not go away. I do not understand the out of province residents being treated the same Ontario residents for fishing licenses. They are treated as non residents when it comes to hunting. You think it would be the same for hunting and fishing.
  15. superbee

    Possible world record lake trout seized?

    If you go with the law, it does not matter where his nephew was. Party fishing is illegal. He kept the fish earlier in the day under his limit and kept the monster later on. He went over his daily possession limit. The non Canadian resident license means anyone who is not residing in Canada. It is not regarding Canadian citizenship. Canadian residents can buy an Ontario resident fishing license. The non Canadian resident license is for anyone not residing in Canada and would be the exact license he had purchased.