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Viking's Free Agency, 2017

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  • Vikes to sign Reiff from Detroit. Solid move--there will likely be some sticker shock, but you have to (over)pay to playin FA. I like the move.
  • Still need OL help, a RB, perhaps a receiver, too. They made a play for Alshon Jeffery but he chose to go to Philly.
  • Kalil now in Carolina on a (if you can even believe it) 5 year/$55 million deal with $25 million guaranteed! Don't they have access to game film? My word...
  • Apparently Lacy is coming to town for a visit. Pass.
  • Locke is punting in Indy, Rhett Ellison to NY Gs, and apparently Jarius Wright was traded...somewhere
  • Wouldn't mind an offer for Murray from Oakland. Three down back.


Lots of pieces moving and we are just getting started! What do you folks want to see?

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They let Patterson sign with the Raiders like the morons they are.

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I see more players leaving than more getting signed.... lots of free agent offensive linemen signing with other teams that the vikes could use. Not impressed with offseason so far. And no first round draft pick this year.


I would have liked to see Patterson stay. I thought he was under utilized and was always a threat to return a kick for a TD. Sure he had route running issues but its not like they have depth at WR.


Then you see stories like this: Ellisons dad blasts vikings


Now watch they will end up still over paying and keep Peterson. 

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Murray is in town typical Slick Rick fashion we will sign him to "get back" at the Raiders.

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