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  1. Majestic

    Viking's Free Agency, 2017

    Murray is in town typical Slick Rick fashion we will sign him to "get back" at the Raiders.
  2. Majestic

    Viking's Free Agency, 2017

    They let Patterson sign with the Raiders like the morons they are.
  3. Majestic

    Goodbye AP!

    Worst playoff RB of all time.
  4. Had the boat sold for $4,000 but the buyer fell through last minute. I'm willing to sell to whoever wants it for $4,000 since I already had a deal lined up for that amount, that's the lowest I will go. Gonna run the ad for a couple more weeks then I will be storing it away for the winter. It's a bad time to try selling a boat, it will sell fast in the spring.
  5. Majestic

    Hunting deer in strong winds

    Can't stand the wind, worst element of all time.
  6. Majestic

    Help - Hit deer but no blood trail

    Yep, they either like to double back or head toward water when they are wounded.
  7. Majestic


    Just got in from my morning hunt, sat until noon. About the first 10 minutes of shooting light I seen a big bodied deer come through some thick stuff but I couldn't tell if it had a rack. About 45 minutes later I hear some grunting and crashing coming my way from that same direction as the first deer I seen earlier was heading. It was two bucks chasing a doe, a smaller 6-8 pt basket was on her tail with a bigger 8 (120") behind him, they came within 40 yds and busted to my right. Just a few minutes later a different smaller doe came from that same directions on a full run and went into a thicket to my left, two more bucks were chasing after her, not sure if they were the same two I had just seen or two new ones but they were on a different doe for sure but they looked similar to the two I just seen. The bigger 8 only bothered with that one for about 10 minutes until I seen him creeping back by himself in the direction it all originally started from, I grunted at him a few times and he looked my way but kept walking where he came from. I waited about 20-30 minutes and rattled, nothing responded. I looked at my phone and it was 9am. I was thinking about heading out around 10:30 since there was no action since 9. Talked myself out of it a few times and at 10:50 a bigger 8 (130"-140") stepped right out into my 20 yard opening and was nibbling on some grasses and twigs, he then made a scrape and played around on a lick branch for about 10 minutes before heading out to my left where the other deer had previously chased that doe. I gave him a pass since this was my first sit of the season and the very 1st time I've hunted this new stand. I hung around for another hour after he left but it was pretty dead and I was getting hungry. So it's definitely heating up here in SE MN, I witnessed chasing and scraping today. On the way out I noticed 2 new scrapes right on my entry/exit trail that weren't there just a few days ago when I went down there to open up some lanes. I'll be back down there tomorrow morning waiting for a BOSS BUCK!!
  8. Majestic


    Them pics are cool Sturg, they look like they are right out of a book!
  9. I'm reducing the price to $4750 B/O. The wife and newborn says it has to go lol
  10. Clean title in hand ready to go!! 1999 Lund Rebel SS 1650 Adventure with a 30hp Honda 4 stroke, Low hours on motor, strong floor, nice carpet, no leaks. Livewell, rod storage, and other multiple storage compartments. This boat is very stable for it's size even on big water! Has a little dock rash and minor cosmetic blemishes but nothing major, a little touch up it could look brand new.Yacht Club trailer with lifetime license with many recent upgrades. I just upgraded and had maintenance done in the past year or so.New tires, rims, and bearing buddies. (one trip on them)New OEM prop, (comes with the spare)New 3 aftermarket Cabelas brand seats (only 2 are pictured but the 3rd comes with)New Trailer Jack and Trailer Hitch (one trip)New Hummingbird 581i Fishfinder ( used a couple times) New Minn Kota Endura C2 55lb Thrust Trolling Motor (used a couple times)New Engine Cowl/Hood- Didn't come with decals. (old one got stolen)Couple year old Deep Cycle Marine BatteryI'm the 3rd owner of this boat/motor/trailer combo, I have owned it for the past 10 yrs, I've used it 2-3 times a yr since I've owned it just taking it up north a couple times each season. The 1st owner was my buddies uncle who bought it brand new, he only used it a hand full of times before selling it to my buddy because of a divorce. My buddy owned it for a few yrs and also only used it a couple times a year up until I bought it from him.The motor has very low hours on it I can't say how many for sure but I know the life of it and it has been used very little. Every year it had the proper maintenance done to it, It's ultra quiet and very fuel efficient. Starts every time and can idle down so low you can use it for trolling if wanted. It's a Honda 4-stroke they are very strong and reliable motors. I'm asking $5200 B/O, if you are serious and have cash feel free to shoot me some offers. Call/Text/Email or post here in the forums with any questions or if you want to set up a viewing. 507-298-1778 [email protected] Ask for Brandon......Thanks
  11. I hear ya, I'm south metro though so that is quite the haul. I'd be dropping another $30 in gas getting there and back. Also for whatever reason Otter makes you wait 3 days before you pick up an order.
  12. Majestic

    Super Bowl

    Must be a Raven fan.
  13. They would have to have the fastest shipping I ever seen.
  14. Anyone know where to locate one of these? I'm hoping to get one by tomorrow. I've been calling around but haven't had any luck, Thorne Bros, Fleet Farm and Gander in Lakeville all no go. Although the guy at Gander was confused and didn't even know what I was talking about, I swear I seen they had some not to long ago. Anyone seen any around lately? Thanks