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  1. Garmin Panoptix is the the latest and greatest. Costs a small fortune, but it's where technology is trending.
  2. Exactly! That game was played how any coach in the NFL would want the game to be played. Run, run and run some more. As long as the chains are moving, keep the ball on the ground, grind out the clock and keep your D fresh. Might be boring, but a W is what counts at the end.
  3. Affleck - Dogma/Mallrats Keanu - Bram Stoker's Dracula/Bill & Teds Pitt - Fight Club/Snatch/Basterds (too many good ones to pick a fav) Redford - Jeremiah Johnson Chevy - Caddyshack Cage - Raising Arizona Candy - Spaceballs/P.T.A
  4. Deer may be using that funnel because it's so dense and brushy. Be careful how much you cut. The big boys know when they are being pursued. A few less trees and thinned out brush may force them to find a route around you.
  5. I bought a point today. Will be my first attempt to do a bear hunt. Not sure what zone I'll be hunting yet, so figured I'd at least buy a point to get started since it'll be a few years.
  6. I’ve got a 3 burner Weber Spirit. Love it! I’m going into year 7 with it. I replaced the flavor bars last year or the year before. Probably should have changed them a year earlier as there wasn’t much left of them. Grill still looks good and works as it should. I take pretty good care of it. Every year it gets a thorough scraping and cleaning, new aluminum foil drip pan (sometimes twice/yr depending on use). I keep it covered at all times out on the deck year round. I have a Weber cover, which I highly recommend, and clean the snow off it every time it’s building up on it. My FIL has a 20+ year old Weber, and while I’m sure they were built much better back then, it’s still going! Has some hot spots in it so you have to be careful and rotate, but it’s the cheapest grill he ever bought! I’d recommend a Weber over a cheaper grill all day!
  7. Another bourbon that I highly recommend (even though it's made in Sconnie! ). 45th Parallel Distillery. It's got a little bite to it, but I found it to smooth out after a few hits and has a good flavor. A little spendier being it's a micro-brew, but worth it, IMO.
  8. Welcome to the Whiskey Wabbit hole! That's how I started too.... Loved my Crown, then Crown Black and then began my decent. There's a lot of good stuff out there. Would love to sample more, but then I think I would become a certified Alchy, and have to begin the 12 steps.....
  9. Has anyone mentioned Bulliet Rye yet? One of my go to sippers. I'm also a big fan of Woodford's Reserve. But my favorite whiskey is whatever I happen to have on hand when I want one!
  10. The Big Wave is my choice from them. Great summer brew!
  11. Boats...... right next to pick-up trucks on ridiculousness of pricing. I have zero experience in the fiberglass world, but I know of someone with a new Ranger and it's a pretty slick fishing machine. Also hear great things about Skeeters, too. Sizing is all dependent on your needs. I agree, get as much boat as you can afford, but 20 footers are beast though!
  12. So much quality hunting and fishing content on YouTube. It’s endless! If you haven’t discovered them yet, The Hunting Public is one of the best, and combined with The Hunting Beast, both will completely change your strategies and perspectives on chasing whitetails. Then there is HUSHin, Born and Raised Outdoors, Randy Newberg, just to name a few, to scratch the western hunting itch.
  13. Up on da’range, we have to have at least a foot by now, and it’s still coming down heavy. Definitely not good for ice conditions. Heavy, wet snow on top of the ice we have.... guaranteed slush fest! The winds are beginning to howl now, too, and are really supposed to get rippin over night and tomorrow. South/SE shore lines will be buried in drifts. Going to have to dig out the ole roof rake for this one! It’s a mess up here! Snowmobile trails will will be good tho!

    Vikings 2018

    The Vikes are a dumpster fire right now for sure! Glad they ditched Flippo, that was a failed experiment. Really hoping they get rid of Priefer soon, too, as our special teams have been far from special for the last few years. They don't deserve to make the playoffs at this point, but if they win out, they will make it. Will this move propel them to make a run if they do make it? Anything is possible, but we all know what happens to the Vikes in big-time games. So, I'm not gonna hold my breath!
  15. A way to kill the prion. As far as I know, it survives indefinitely. If we can kill it, we actually have a chance of wiping it off the face of the earth. Until then, it's a winless battle, IMO. As far as your last comment, not sure why that was brought up if you weren't directing it at me, or at least think I fit this generalization... Not sure where in any post that I have ever made, you'd get the slightest idea that I was the type of person you describe. While I am for limited govt, and reeling in some rules and regulations, I am overall an adamant supporter of most of our fish and game laws. When it comes to what is currently taking place to "control" CWD, I don't think it's working, and I think other avenues need to be explored in more detail. I've stated that I'm pretty fluid on my opinion on CWD, so part of me sees what is taking place as maybe being necessary, but, seeing the end results thus far, it appears to not be working.
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