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    Here We Go Again. Be Prepared!

    Up on da’range, we have to have at least a foot by now, and it’s still coming down heavy. Definitely not good for ice conditions. Heavy, wet snow on top of the ice we have.... guaranteed slush fest! The winds are beginning to howl now, too, and are really supposed to get rippin over night and tomorrow. South/SE shore lines will be buried in drifts. Going to have to dig out the ole roof rake for this one! It’s a mess up here! Snowmobile trails will will be good tho!

    Vikings 2018

    The Vikes are a dumpster fire right now for sure! Glad they ditched Flippo, that was a failed experiment. Really hoping they get rid of Priefer soon, too, as our special teams have been far from special for the last few years. They don't deserve to make the playoffs at this point, but if they win out, they will make it. Will this move propel them to make a run if they do make it? Anything is possible, but we all know what happens to the Vikes in big-time games. So, I'm not gonna hold my breath!
  3. A way to kill the prion. As far as I know, it survives indefinitely. If we can kill it, we actually have a chance of wiping it off the face of the earth. Until then, it's a winless battle, IMO. As far as your last comment, not sure why that was brought up if you weren't directing it at me, or at least think I fit this generalization... Not sure where in any post that I have ever made, you'd get the slightest idea that I was the type of person you describe. While I am for limited govt, and reeling in some rules and regulations, I am overall an adamant supporter of most of our fish and game laws. When it comes to what is currently taking place to "control" CWD, I don't think it's working, and I think other avenues need to be explored in more detail. I've stated that I'm pretty fluid on my opinion on CWD, so part of me sees what is taking place as maybe being necessary, but, seeing the end results thus far, it appears to not be working.
  4. That's why I remain in the adapt and live with it and hope for a solution that doesn't destroy our already sub-par deer hunting in MN. (and fishing when it comes to aquatic invaders)
  5. Lots of reality here. Seriously, if we truly want to wipe out CWD, all deer/elk farms need to be wiped out, all natural deer scents need to be banned and taken out of production and every single deer/elk anywhere near a positive CWD infected area needs to be wiped out. Every last one of them! And then, all deer that are found in these areas for at least 10 years need to be destroyed. Is this a sacrifice the state is willing to make? Not a chance! So we fall to the only other option, we adapt and live with it.
  6. The prions will always be in the soil, so the “clean” population will eventually contract them and we’re back to where we are now. I love the the idea of trying to control CWD, but I don’t believe we can.
  7. Wisconsin makes a lot of bad decisions, Kroll definitely one of them.
  8. So how do we stop it, outside of complete annihialation of all deer? I’m not in “denial”. I fully understand the implications from both sides. Either way, we’re screwed! Do nothing, potentially screwed, keep [email protected]$$in it, still screwed. I felt that I heard a lot of grumbling from Sconnies back then saying the deer populations were devastated in the CWD zones? I hunt the northwoods, so at this point, it doesn’t affect me either. I just hate to see the endless slaughter of our few robust deer populations in this state for no positive results.
  9. I get HOW it spreads, just unsure as to how fast it can be spread. Didn't Wisco basically allow unlimited harvest and extermination of deer in their hot zones years ago? How’d that work out for them? Still the hottest CWD state in the nation. Goes back to complete elimination of ALL deer is really the only way, otherwise, it’s a bandaid on a severed artery. Agree about deer farms. Seems like they should be easy to manage and control to keep CWD out of, yet it seems to always be where it’s first discovered.
  10. His Podcast is awesome! He’s not afraid to talk about anything and everything. He often dives too deep down some rabbit holes, but it’s usually always entertaining.
  11. I do my best to ignore fringe groups. Or, at least, take what they say with a grain of salt. Like everything, it seems the best solutions and answers generally are found somewhere in the middle.
  12. I've listened to that podcast. After I was done, I got all sorts of fired up and doom and gloom about CWD. Then I started asking myself the same questions I posted above. It is a serious issue, however, I don't think there is a way to stop it. I guess the only real way to get rid of it is to flat out exterminate every single cervid on the planet. Once they are all gone, the prions will no longer be able to survive. Outside of that, we're stuck with it.
  13. All of my questions in my previous post are all questions I ponder, they weren’t rhetorical.
  14. I don’t know how easily it spreads. Seems like it’s spreading pretty fast these days. I’m pretty undecided on my feelings towards CWD. I don’t know enough, but it sure seems like we’re not gaining ground by depopulating local deer herds.
  15. So, the prions live in the soil indefinitely, right? Is there a chance scavengers/birds carry it and [PoorWordUsage] it out and contaminate areas throughout their ranges? What happens to all of the infected deer that have it that die naturally? Isn't the soil where they decompose now infected? So is there actually anything that can be done about CWD? Doesn't seem like what is currently happening is working. Seems like Wisco wiped their deer population down significantly in their hot zones and it didn't seem to help. To me, this is the same losing battle we are fighting against invasive species. I don't think we can do much but live with it, adapt and hope for a cure or way to destroy it.