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  1. Vikes are garbage. I swore them off prior to this season after they did nothing in the draft/off season to address the O-Line, then they doubled down on poor decisions by re-upping Speilman's and Cousin's contracts. I hope they don't win another game all season and then they blow the whole thing up. I like Zim, but it doesn't seem like he's a good HC. Sunday's are more enjoyable without the Purple Face Palm.
  2. More Govt over-reach! I agree, buyer beware.
  3. Awful news! Sorry for your loss!
  4. I'd spine up to 300 before going with a weaker 400 twizzler. Check out The Ranch Fairy on Youtube.
  5. I’d put a tarp on top of it. Not the most waterproof if you get heavy rain or snowmelt.
  6. Garmin Panoptix is the the latest and greatest. Costs a small fortune, but it's where technology is trending.
  7. Exactly! That game was played how any coach in the NFL would want the game to be played. Run, run and run some more. As long as the chains are moving, keep the ball on the ground, grind out the clock and keep your D fresh. Might be boring, but a W is what counts at the end.
  8. Affleck - Dogma/Mallrats Keanu - Bram Stoker's Dracula/Bill & Teds Pitt - Fight Club/Snatch/Basterds (too many good ones to pick a fav) Redford - Jeremiah Johnson Chevy - Caddyshack Cage - Raising Arizona Candy - Spaceballs/P.T.A
  9. Deer may be using that funnel because it's so dense and brushy. Be careful how much you cut. The big boys know when they are being pursued. A few less trees and thinned out brush may force them to find a route around you.
  10. I bought a point today. Will be my first attempt to do a bear hunt. Not sure what zone I'll be hunting yet, so figured I'd at least buy a point to get started since it'll be a few years.
  11. I’ve got a 3 burner Weber Spirit. Love it! I’m going into year 7 with it. I replaced the flavor bars last year or the year before. Probably should have changed them a year earlier as there wasn’t much left of them. Grill still looks good and works as it should. I take pretty good care of it. Every year it gets a thorough scraping and cleaning, new aluminum foil drip pan (sometimes twice/yr depending on use). I keep it covered at all times out on the deck year round. I have a Weber cover, which I highly recommend, and clean the snow off it every time it’s building up on it.
  12. Another bourbon that I highly recommend (even though it's made in Sconnie! ). 45th Parallel Distillery. It's got a little bite to it, but I found it to smooth out after a few hits and has a good flavor. A little spendier being it's a micro-brew, but worth it, IMO.
  13. Welcome to the Whiskey Wabbit hole! That's how I started too.... Loved my Crown, then Crown Black and then began my decent. There's a lot of good stuff out there. Would love to sample more, but then I think I would become a certified Alchy, and have to begin the 12 steps.....
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