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    Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    I can not express my deepest, heartfelt sympathies to your family! Although I never had the please to meet your father, I sure felt that I knew Bobby Bass. His stories have brought, all us that the pleasure to read his work, to the lake he clearly loved so much. I have spend many a night at Lakeiwanttobethere thanks to your dad. This little internet community will never be the same without him! With honestly teary eyes, I send my condolences and prayers to you, your family and all of Dans friends. God bless you in your time of grief. I hope you all able to celebrate the life of a good man. Brian DeZurik.

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    Couple from Bemidji area.

    Turkey Contest Winners

    A huge thank you to Borch for organizing the contest. Truly a big reason I look forward to the spring and turkey hunting. Love the stories and Pics. They always make me want to be in woods. Congrates to all the successful hunters, as well as to The Strut Stops Here Team and Ryan. Ryan may be near 1/3rd of my age, however, he is one heck of hunter we all could learn from! Congrats.

    Season in review

    With Minnesota's turkey season behind us, how did it go you guys? Early season for me was overall pretty good. Jakes early came into decoys and there was plenty of gobbling to make me think there were decent numbers of birds around. The birds however, seemed difficultto pattern this compared to previous seasons. Getting the boy out to the blind was more difficult than I had hoped as well. The birds did not respond well to my calling this year and I didnt dial in a good decoy set up either, may should have sat without more. With our some what dry spring hopefullywe have a good hatch and survival again this year.

    Where everyone go?

    Some of us are still here! Feel free to ask questions and report your outings. we would love to hear them.

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    Good luck to you.

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    Anyone still at it? not sure that i will get Isaac out anymore, will still ask these last few days. Good luck everyone.

    Bow Bird Down

    Great bird, way to keep at it.


    Nice bird, good job!
  10. ANYFISH2

    Shooting leagues?

    I can't help you, myself. If Craig is at Rice Creek when you are, ask him a couple of your question. He is REAL good with gun knowledge. And a pretty good guy.
  11. ANYFISH2

    Wild Turkey Photos

    I had that as well this spring, Brian. Had a bird strutting, nice full fan but a short beard. We did shoot it so I dont know what the spurs were like. Nice job the hunt again this year, congrats.
  12. ANYFISH2

    Afternoon hunts.

    Late afternoon into evening. With mornings coming very early, and thinking I can get Isaac out more in the evenings, some helpful tips please. Where do you guys prefer to hunt? Open fields or in timber? I typically call very little, should I call much at all? Decoys or no decoys?
  13. ANYFISH2

    Anyone else getting whooped?

    They have not been real cooperative, save for the one I shot. Isaac and I had many encounter over the last weekend. Not really cared for my calling or a decoy. just doing thier thing i guess. Hoping I can get 1 morè to commit for Isaac.
  14. ANYFISH2

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    Isaac and I back out again this morning. Pretty active morning so far. 8 birds have been spotted so far, 1 tom a couple jakes and the rest hens. Lone tom and lone jake, neither even looked at the decoy. Had a place in mind they wanted to be i guess. Kind strange. Had another strutter behind us at thirty 30yds, full tail fan, but a short beard. Not sure if it was a jake or short bearded tom. 5 hens took him away!