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  1. That doesnt look like fun!!

    MN Opener

    Way to go featherslayer!

    Ne 2019

    Sounds like a great time! Congrats to all.
  4. My favorite is an old Cherrywood box call. Use a primos mouth call often and learning a new glass call this season.

    New Bow

    Fine piece equipment there. Good luck in Nebraska. Send our best wishes to the locals down there.
  6. I have went from see zero birds for nearly 2 months to seeing at least 7 each day this week, minus the last day of rain. The birds I have seen are on the road sides and a drive way to a farm that has a small feed lot.
  7. I have scientific basis, this just seems under represented, IMO. Luckily, the deer had a fairly mild start to winter, up until Mid January. However, 1 point for last night -2 is not the same as 1 point each day of -25 to -40, for 4 days like earlier this year.
  8. A gill getter jig(horizontal) and a "flipper" jig(vertical) are the first two to go on the line for sunfish. Crappies are kinda my kryptonite, so i usually throw the box at them till something works. I am still a meat fisherman, plastics have been very productive at times however.
  9. Plan on an archery tag again this spring. Only Minnesota, hope to someday hunt a Merriams somewhere.
  10. Not a fan of leaders, far fewer bites with them on. I typically run 4 or 6 lb test. I do run 8 lb in water less than 8-10 ft. I do this because thr fight is usually off to the sides of the hole, and the line contacts the ice edge at sharper angles.
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