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  1. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Well, another much needed win last night! Keep it rolling... Very little margin for error with teams bunched this tight in the West. Would be great to sneak into the top 4 and not fall out of the bottom 4!
  2. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Imagine my surprise to see Thibs run out both Rose AND Jones against GSW. Please don't do that again! Ugghhh.... But...a surprising and much needed end to the skid. Maybe that will spark a little confidence in this team. But we need that kind of effort EVERY game from Wiggins and KAT, not just when they are feeling up to it. If we can get 100% hustle from that tandem, then we will still be viable when Butler is ready to come back.
  3. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Well, they did it anyway... Wolves signed Derrick Rose. I hope he doesn't just eat up Tyus's minutes, but what else will he do?
  4. pikestabber

    Wood fence post fill?

    I will echo that class five, when properly tamped, will not have any voids. It packs extremely tight ,actually, and provides good drainage. To add to that... I just did a 64 foot fence last fall. I did the first few posts just with the black dirt/sand I had removed to dig post holes and the next few posts were packed with class five. The class five poles packed tighter. That sold me.
  5. pikestabber

    Hotdogs for Pike

    Wow, that one is new to me, lol! I've never liked suckers nearly as much as I like a big golden shiner or a creek chub, but I googled "hot dogs for pike" and found this comment, for what it's worth: By far the best hotdog to use is also one of the cheapest Bar-S brand. Not the jumbo ones, just the regular ones as they are easier to set the hook through. use a treble hook. Take the treble hook off the leader and push the eye of the treble hook through the hot dog and then reattach the treble hook to your leader. the hotdog should have one or more points of the treble hook in it when it is hooked up right. Basically you are using the bend of the treble hook to support the hotdog and the points are somewhat buried in the hotdog. We use 1/2 a dog, and either lay it on the bottom with a slip sinker or use it with a bobber. Either way works, just depends on the time of the day and where the pike are cruising.
  6. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Agree that this stretch is crucial. It's put up or shut up time. Did Jimmy's defensive prowess and toughness rub off on Towns and Wiggins yet? We will find out a lot about this team over the next few weeks.
  7. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Last rumor I saw was 4-6 weeks, depending on how he heals. Why can't we have nice things? The over-eager fan in me 10 years ago would say limp him out there as fast as you can! But the more mature (READ: OLD) me now says we should be VERY cautious and perhaps even shelve him until next year if we have fallen out of contention by then. And even stumbling in as a 7-8 seed would be out of contention in the West. We need Jimmy Buckets healthy for the long run, not the one and done playoffs... SIGH...
  8. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    That rumor started swirling last week when he was cut from the...Jazz? Or wherever he got traded to at the deadline. At some point the Chicago-Thibs connection has to be severed. This is that sometime! Rose is DONE. D-O-N-E! Stay away, please! To take minutes away from Tyus would be criminal! I've been a bit down on this team lately, and rightly so considering their talent and the fact that we are still middling about, but when you look at the West and see we are the #4 seed at the break...man, that feels pretty good. No, we aren't the Rockets or the Warriors, but we ARE in the second tier of teams like the Spurs and Thunder, and we are still ascending. That's a nice change for this team and this fan base!
  9. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    I just never know what version of this team is going to run out onto the floor from night to night... The scoring juggernauts? The team that actually can play defense once in a while? The team that, on the rarest of occasions, does both in one night? Or the team that somehow loses to the Bulls and makes you question your fandom. That kind of inconsistency is generally a coaching issue... I really like Thibs, but we have enough talent to be more consistent, and consistently better, than what we are seeing. I hope we catch fire at the right time. Home stretch looms...
  10. pikestabber

    Air Fryer?

    The default temp is 360 for the NuWave 36001 Brio I mentioned above, but it can be programmed as high as 390. I absolutely agree that it does make a difference for certain things to get those extra 30-40 degrees.
  11. pikestabber

    Air Fryer?

    Late to the party, here, but we got one a few months ago (NuWave 36001 Brio) at the boss lady's insistence. I was 100% convinced we'd use it twice, then put it in storage for three years before selling it for $5 at a garage sale, but I was very, very wrong! It's a cooking appliance staple now that never leaves the counter top. With a two year old boy, it is a life saver for quick, easy meals like nuggets, fries, tots, and corn dogs. Chicken comes out great. All frozen appetizers are excellent, and it's half the time of the oven. We got it late fall, but not cranking on the oven in July will be nice. The big test for me was fish. I did a side-by-side test--panko crusted deep fried vs panko crusted with a spritz of olive oil air fried. For me, the deep fried is a 9/10. The air fried, crazy as it sounds, was a solid 8/10. It really does turn out pretty darn good! The old lady said she noticed no difference whatsoever, but she was still bragging about how good of an investment it was, so I deducted one point from here score which now reflects my own. I suggest lining the tray with foil regardless of what you cook. Lesson learned was bacon wrapped venison bites. Came out great, but cleaning that without foil was not fun... Bottom line, it's been a great little unit that has seen nearly daily use!
  12. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    I might say C- for the first quarter, A- for the second quarter, and I agree with your average. If this squad started the year the way we are playing now, we'd be flirting with the best record in the West. As it stands, we are still in great position to make a run. Our defense has improved so slowly and steadily that you almost don't notice that's its become respectable (considering the dumpster fire it started out as). We still have some face palm games, but as a whole, we have a dynamic young core that looks the part of championship material. I liked the addition of Butler...but I had no idea he would be this good and help change our whole culture so fast. Exciting time to be a fan after a decade of abysmal play!
  13. pikestabber

    Electric Roaster for Sausage

    Looks like a 25 pound batch? Were you able to fit all of that in one batch, or split in two?
  14. pikestabber

    Electric Roaster for Sausage

    You can also steam cook them in your smoker... FROM CURLY'S SAUSAGE KITCHEN page: Steam cooking speeds up the process of the final cooking stage in sausage making. Makes for a better wrinkle free sausage, using humidity as heat source instead of dry heat. Take a full pan of water and bring to a full boil on stove. Place boiling pan of water and put on heat source of smoker Turn heat to high so to keep water at a FULL BOIL. Close damper you want to keep humidity in smoker. Make sure pan of water does not run out, add more boiling water. Cook sausage to 150 degrees, this will take about half of regular cook time. When sausage is cooked cold shower with cold water.
  15. pikestabber

    Venison Bacon

    I make 25 pounds of this every year from a seasoning I get from Curly's Sausage Kitchen. It's awesome stuff!