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  1. pikestabber

    Time for a smoke

    Looks excellent!
  2. pikestabber

    Turkey Day Ice?

    Ponds are iced over and the first 15-20 yards of several smaller lakes are frozen... I think it's a forgone conclusion that we'll be fishing by then on many northern lakes here, if not several days before (Grand Rapids area).
  3. pikestabber

    2018 Twins

    Dozier 3 for 4 with a single, double, and HR in first game as a Dodger. Nifty play in the field, too. Good guy--not a Dodgers fan, but hope he gets a ring there and then comes back home next year And Escobar is hitting well for the Diamondbacks. Will root for him, too, and hope for a reunion.
  4. pikestabber

    Smoked eggs

    Then these people cannot be your friends anymore. I smoked a bunch of chicken legs for a party once. Got the nicest smoke ring just under the skin and I was pretty proud of how they turned out. You wouldn't believe how many people took one bite and then stopped in their tracks...they mistook the pink ring for "uncooked." Geez, people...ever seen white meat next to the bone and pink near the surface? Lol. More for me, I guess.
  5. pikestabber

    2018 21’ fish house build

    No doubt in my mind--that's the nicest fish house I've ever seen. Just incredible work! Kudos!
  6. pikestabber

    Smoked eggs

    Personally, I like the little bit tougher texture when they are hot smoked. I've cold smoked, too, and the whites stay tender, but for whatever reason I like 'em a bit chewy.
  7. Well, business is booming in the sticks. A little bit of everything is growing well now. Still haven't found many COTW on my usual trees, but hopeful yet... Did score a bunch of lobsters on Sunday (kept 84 and tossed back 2 for each 1 we kept!). A few chants, and some bonus blueberries.
  8. Found my first lobster on Sunday (7-8-18) which makes it the earliest I've found a lobster around here (Deer River/Grand Rapids area)--which is odd, because everything has been pretty late this year. Found maybe a dozen Chants and about a pound of COTW. Deer flies are biblical, so that usually means things are getting going.
  9. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Well, another much needed win last night! Keep it rolling... Very little margin for error with teams bunched this tight in the West. Would be great to sneak into the top 4 and not fall out of the bottom 4!
  10. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Imagine my surprise to see Thibs run out both Rose AND Jones against GSW. Please don't do that again! Ugghhh.... But...a surprising and much needed end to the skid. Maybe that will spark a little confidence in this team. But we need that kind of effort EVERY game from Wiggins and KAT, not just when they are feeling up to it. If we can get 100% hustle from that tandem, then we will still be viable when Butler is ready to come back.
  11. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Well, they did it anyway... Wolves signed Derrick Rose. I hope he doesn't just eat up Tyus's minutes, but what else will he do?
  12. pikestabber

    Wood fence post fill?

    I will echo that class five, when properly tamped, will not have any voids. It packs extremely tight ,actually, and provides good drainage. To add to that... I just did a 64 foot fence last fall. I did the first few posts just with the black dirt/sand I had removed to dig post holes and the next few posts were packed with class five. The class five poles packed tighter. That sold me.
  13. pikestabber

    Hotdogs for Pike

    Wow, that one is new to me, lol! I've never liked suckers nearly as much as I like a big golden shiner or a creek chub, but I googled "hot dogs for pike" and found this comment, for what it's worth: By far the best hotdog to use is also one of the cheapest Bar-S brand. Not the jumbo ones, just the regular ones as they are easier to set the hook through. use a treble hook. Take the treble hook off the leader and push the eye of the treble hook through the hot dog and then reattach the treble hook to your leader. the hotdog should have one or more points of the treble hook in it when it is hooked up right. Basically you are using the bend of the treble hook to support the hotdog and the points are somewhat buried in the hotdog. We use 1/2 a dog, and either lay it on the bottom with a slip sinker or use it with a bobber. Either way works, just depends on the time of the day and where the pike are cruising.
  14. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Agree that this stretch is crucial. It's put up or shut up time. Did Jimmy's defensive prowess and toughness rub off on Towns and Wiggins yet? We will find out a lot about this team over the next few weeks.
  15. pikestabber

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Last rumor I saw was 4-6 weeks, depending on how he heals. Why can't we have nice things? The over-eager fan in me 10 years ago would say limp him out there as fast as you can! But the more mature (READ: OLD) me now says we should be VERY cautious and perhaps even shelve him until next year if we have fallen out of contention by then. And even stumbling in as a 7-8 seed would be out of contention in the West. We need Jimmy Buckets healthy for the long run, not the one and done playoffs... SIGH...