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will there be nascar?


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I do not think it will fold, but it is a little interesting. The big 3 were told if they receive the "bailout" from the feds that there major sponsorship with Nascar will have to come to a halt.

With the new restrictions on testing next year I really think it is even going to seperate the field even more. Probably going to take the 1 and even 2 car teams right out of the mix.

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They could go to a spec engine and end up like......ASA did, a booring series no one wanted to watch

I think they are already slowly becoming that. I know I watched far less races this year than I have have since I started watching about 10 years ago. When I do watch them I ussually can guarantee I will be taking a nap sometime during the race (except for short tracks, they still keep my interest). I thought COT was supposed to make the races more intersting, but I think they had the reverse affect. If something doesn't change I think many of the casual fans will loose complete interest and with the money involved in NASCAR today, they need those casual fans.

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Technically they already have a "spec" engine. They have cube, compression,approved intakes, head design, and carb restrictions. The big cost or cheating for that matter is when a "crate" moter or a sealed engine is the rule like ASA did and died a slow death.

Even now with the different series that mandate a sealed /spec/crate engine, you can buy the cheater breakaway bolts for less than 300 bucks and do more of the little things to gain that 15-30 horse needed for the win.

Last year in Circle Track there was a open letter to the editor from Keith Dorton in regards to the crate/spec engines that shows that the spec engine was actually costing 10-15 grand more per year to maintain, because the parts HAD to be bought from one supplier, than building the same engine using whatever parts you choose to buy. They couldn't bore the blocks .010" oversize, or even put in a sleeve for that matter, so if you scored a cylinder wall, you had to throw everything away.

Sorry for the rambling, but I just don't care for spec engines. The biggest or best engine doesn't win everytime, it's the chassis and the driver that do.

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I understand the engine they use now. I was refering to a sealed engine rule. The letter from Circle Track make sense though. NASCAR would just end up like IROC. Here's your car now you drive it and these guys will pit for you. Yea fun.

I agree I don't like the idea of a spec engine or the COT car. I'm not for anything goes, but let these guys use their brains to make the car faster and handle. It seems like NASCAR is just stifling ingenuity these days.

Hey how about adding an engine claim rule to NASCAR? LOL

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The Unofficial NASCAR related Layoff Count since end of season:

(exceptions noted)

Dale Earnhardt Inc -- 116

Ganassi -- 76 + Nationwide team

Gillett Evernham Motorsports -- 65

Petty Enterprises -- 65

Bill Davis Racing -- 60

Richard Petty Driving Experience -- approx 45

Roush Fenway Racing -- 40-50

Hendrick Motorsports -- 19

Furniture Row -- 25 [approx]

Earnhardt-Childress Racing Technologies -- 25 [approx]

Wood Brothers -- 22

Stewart-Haas -- 16

Richard Childress Racing -- 15

Red Bull Racing -- approx 15

JTG Daugherty Racing -- 12

Michael Waltrip Racing -- 12

Ernie Elliott Inc [Ganassi engines] -- 9

Joe Gibbs Engines -- approx 5

Hall of Fame -- heard many were let go this week, no number yet

Yates -- Unknown

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Maybe Nascar has to open up to Toyota, Hundai, and Honda. Would love to see Jr. get beat by a Volkswagon Bug.. LOL


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I think harvey it right. I can't remember the numbers but I saw something on tv showing how fast Nascar has grown in popularity over the last 10-12yrs. They did speculate Nascar has hit its peak and will level off now.

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