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  1. This weekend February 21st & 22nd, the Faribault Archeryu Club is hosting an Indoor shoot at our Indoor range located in the Rice County Fair Grounds. Hours are from Noon - 5pm on Saturday; 8AM - 3PM on Sunday. We have 30+ Rhinehart targets with movers and po-ups. Cost is $10 for adults for the 1st round and $5 for any additional round shot the same day. Bring a youngen and they shoot for free on us for the 1st round and $5 for additional rounds the same day. Concessions available on page.
  2. Faribault Archery Club is Hosting a 3D shoot this weekend at our indoor club located in the Rice County fair grounds. Saturday hours are from Noon - 5pm Sunday Hours are from 8am - 3 pm Price is $10 for adults 16 yeaars of age or older (free for under 16 1st round) Any additional round per day is $5.... Have 30 3D targets, including Pop-ups and Movers. Concessions avaiable on page.
  3. Shot a hen with the Mathews the Thursday before Halloween and out of the same treestand on Halloween at noon, I was able to harvest my "blade" buck. It was a great year for me with 2 turkeys (1spring/1fall) and a buck. All 3 fell to the Mathews Helim and Rage Broadheads.
  4. Indoor 3D shoot Our club in Faribault is hosting 4 3D shoots this winter again. There are 30+ targets with some movers and pop-ups. First 1 being next weekend the 12th & 13th of December. Both Saturday and Sunday are from 8AM-5PM The cost for adults is $10.00 for the first round and $5.00 for the rounds after that per day. The cost for youths 16 years of age and younger is FREE for their 1st round and $5.00 for any rounds after that per day. Concessions are available.
  5. Cool pictures and the memories are going to last all of you a life time. Congrats on the bear!
  6. Mathews Helim for me and Mathews Jewel for the wife. Had a PSE, Diamond before, all killed deer, just really liked the feel of the Helim when it came out. Wife has shot a Parker and Diamond.
  7. Sorry about the deer, but it happens and let her know it will happen to almost everyone in their lifetime. As far as lighted nocks, I use them, it will add some more weight, which in turn could help on the force once released. With that being said I will stop buying them when these go dead. I feel with the new bright wraps and fletchings they offer, it's almost as good and a lot cheaper. They might make a difference if the shot is real late or real early morning. I have had the chance to watch the lighted nock pass through multiple deer and think I could have still seen the flight and recovered the arrow without the nock. For a fixed broadhead, my wife shoots the Muzzy MX4 and the last deer she shot was a doe at 15 yards with under 40 lbs of pull and got a complete pass through and real good blood and she piled up under 100 yards.
  8. I have my eyes on a couple of bucks and I am really trying to HUNT them. I really want to help my wife get her 1st buck, she has shot a doe and has held out on many smaller bucks. I am not too upset about the 1 tag, we do like eating venison, but we are getting to a point where the time in the woods and actually hunting and not just killing is more important to us.
  9. The wife and I will be out in our stands on Saturday night, we have been running trail camera's since early June, only checking the cards every 3-4 weeks. Nice to see them grow through the year. Have our eyes on a couple of deer to let the strings drop on. I think we look to our tradition night before archery opener as much as the opener itself, out to FF to pick up some late items needed and then dinner at our favorite steak place.
  10. QAD drop away for the wife and I. She shot a hostage for a couple of years, groups are much tighter with the drop away, absolutely no arrow contact after release. Whatever you can shoot with straight, do it.
  11. Shot wrist strap releases for most of my life. Tried a back tension release to get over some target panic I had about 2 years ago and then I moved to a four finger release right after that and I am shooting much better groups and it helped in the whole drawing with the bow and holding on to a full drawn bow for a longer time. In fact I let my wife try it out and we just upgraded her to a thumb release this spring after league was done, she has since been able to increase the weight she can pull/hold back and the groupings have tightened up. I do like the fact I can hand the release on my D-Loop while sitting in the stand/blind and not have to try to clip on a wrist release on the string on an approaching deer. My draw length was not affected by moving to the thumb release, but the windage on my sights had to be moved quite a bit.
  12. Bummer, I can't make this one. This work thing is geting in the way.
  13. Rage 2 blade in the boiler room.
  14. also nice when taking new or younger hunters with, 2 of you can sit in a stand and enjoy time together.
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