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  1. Found one lone little grey yesterday morning after turkey hunting which surprised the heck out of me. Asparagus has popped so it's time. Next week will be prime if we get some temps.
  2. Leeks are like an onion/ garlic. Cook how you want them , I toss a few in with the morels when frying up to take the bite out of them. or eat them raw and mama gets all grumpy and I sleep on the couch The leaves are a nice touch to a salad (uncooked) Found a few Saturday, went back to a couple of private spots yesterday and low and behold the trespassers cut a few dozen morels out Please everyone, respect private property, the owners will more than likely let you on there if you ask.
  3. Ramps are in season, asparagus is 3-4" in the garden, I would say late this week for sure around here.
  4. Papa Grump

    Cool Cats sure was a lot of fun!

    yup.. and pretty much never heard the end of that part of the weekend on the way home
  5. Papa Grump

    Methane Hole on Horseshoe Lake

    Unfortunately the " children" of the area think it's funny to remove the signs that have been posted in the past , which is why the sherriff gave up on it.
  6. Papa Grump

    Cool Cats sure was a lot of fun!

    Same here..Should have moved a bit more north, but had a great time. nice meeting some old friends and making new ones too! Managed a small eye this morning around 5:30. Made it home just now to the freezing rain ..ishta.. can't wait till next year !
  7. Should be there myself by 4:30 or so, beans in tow
  8. I'll be up Friday late afternoon grey Silverado and the Grump's Bump shack in tow for the weekend. Time to get cooking them beans up
  9. Team Grump will be there ( 3-6 people )
  10. Bowls and spoons will be supplied with the beans.
  11. Papa Grump

    Do Aluminum Frames Have Negatives Besides Cost?

    If your worried about aluminum oxidizing , you could attach a few anodes on the frame and that will take care of it. My River Pro has 4 of them and zero oxidation after 14 years. Other options are anadizing for aluminum or if there is a place that can TIN coat the steel?
  12. I'm sure to brew up a batch of beans , so count me in . Hope to make a weekend out of it if I get my hands on a wheelhouse as well.
  13. Papa Grump

    Nascar Rant

  14. Been looking for one myself Kev..but I'm not spending that kind of money. 300-500 bucks gets you all you need, just haven't figured out what yet ..
  15. Papa Grump

    Candyland Punched!!

    I might just start watching NASCAR again
  16. Here is a biggun from tonight.. Got 3 dozen in a short time
  17. Neighbor beat me to a public spot today and got a 100 nice ones. The yellows are really going.
  18. Welcome to HSO ! Here is some pics from today. Bottom pic is about half of the total , plus some leeks too.
  19. Interesting read..but it makes alot of sense. Last year the shrooms where early as we had a early spring. Either way once the asparagus starts up , a couple days later it's time to hunt shrooms, at least for me it is
  20. Papa Grump

    Oil pressure question...

    Is the gauge electronic controlled or mechanical? I would hook up a mechanical pressure gauge to make sure that you have pressure at start up and then go from there with your question.
  21. Papa Grump

    Jan 14

    338 E for me as always. mushrooms and leek hunting at the same time too
  22. Papa Grump

    Tonneau Cover Opinions

    I tried the Truxedo and went back to the Access cover. They just hold their color and handle the abuse better. My original one from 2000 is still on the neighbors truck and it looks just fine.
  23. Papa Grump

    Congrats to Harvick

    Isn't that the truth