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  1. Stay away from Menard Steel from MM. It just dont have a good lock. Keep your time in mind too. Do you want to paint/stain, or spend time fishing and hunting. All sidings need maintenance. Some more than others. Yes CertainTeed .046 and Timbercrest .046 are good products from Menards. Stay away from the thin stuff. And as far as smart side, I know the builders I deal with that have used it, really liked the product.
  2. The agitator quit working on my whirlpool washer (toploader) i knew that in the past, the gears (dogs) were probably the problem. Got a new set of "dogs" put the agitator all together, and get a loud noise when the agitator goes around. I took off the whole agitator, and ther was no noise at all when it ran. Very quiet. I put the bottom half back on bolted it down and get a small clunking noise when it turns. Put the top half on, and still get the noise. Could the bottom 1\2 of agitator be worn? Not sure what is causing this crazy noise.
  3. Use a high performance batt. Don't be stupid and try and stuff 6" in an 2x4 wall. Compaction will reduce the insulation values of the product
  4. They might need to be fire retardant kits if u are not covering with rock.
  5. House had alot of hail damage, and will need "updating" roof, siding, windows, gutters. Just curious of approx going rates on Shingles, Gutter work, New siding installation. I know shingles in our area run roughly $300/sq tearoff/install/cleaned up... ect.. but not sure on gutters/ft and siding. I have a couple good builders in mind to to the work, but will be getting several bids. what's the rate in different areas?? Ours is a 1 story with a hip roof.
  6. in some areas, if you try to sell your house with a finished basement, but never pulled permits, your kinda S.O.L. you probably will have to do it and get permits.. this has held up alot of closings.
  7. I have a bunch of old black and white pictures with unknown faces. What do I do. Just throw them, or does anybody do things with them?
  8. yea, I've done that wax paper too... put it behind all the trim before its nailed on, then stain it, or use it when painting around the trim.. then when done, just razorblade it off
  9. 17'-20' down, How deep were you setting the Slips?? catching eyes?? I'm hoping to throw a few big sticks too hoping to catch a musky.
  10. hey, I got the Ok from my B-I-L to use his cabin next week, Wed-Sat. Let us know how you did this weekend... He's right on Musky Bay...
  11. my B-I-L has his cabin right in Musky Bay, we were up last weekend, and mainly played on the tubes and skis, but the boys took the fish boat out, and only picked up one snakey northern. not many boats were in the bay at all last weekend. maybe 5 at the most.. on the other hand, we did mark a few fish in some deep drops. marked some down 17-20+ ft in water to 30'. I think that was out by Chicago Bay. otherwise, check the drop off near Wismo
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