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  1. I think they could have wrapped up Morgan's story in 30 minutes and moved on. 90 minutes later all they proved is that Morgan should just stay back and protect Judith.
  2. I have a feeling in the next 2 episodes the crew will get a dose of the new reality. The lady, Madison, got a little taste by venturing on the outside of the fence for a bit.
  3. Black_Bay

    new regs

    I think the ATV/OHV rules were rewritten to include a section on recreational riding (Page 26). Basically it says you can't ride for fun during deer season but you can ride during designated times.
  4. LOL I was saying the same thing to my wife. "What hasn't that kid showered, combed his hair and changed clothes?" I'm liking the barber Daniel Salazar so far, but I'm afraid his wife is toast with that crushed foot. It should be interesting to see what goes on with the Nation Guard guys and if the families take off to the desert or if they get trapped in the city.
  5. Cassel is gone to Buffalo.
  6. I got bored and started channel surfing. I may try and watch again.
  7. Not to mention players from Rutgers and Wisconsin each outnumber the guys from Alabama.
  8. Alaska Bush Amish Gold Miner Commercial Fisherman People premiers February 29th at 7 pm on the Fantasy Channel.
  9. You should start the measurement on the spot where the motor mounts at and end at the bottom of the boat. On those types of Crestliner transoms I think you'd probably need a kicker bracket. Even with a 25" I don't know if the prop would extend below the bottom of the boat.
  10. Just make 100% sure it's a collision salvage and NOT a flood salvage.
  11. I had Lakes Area Canvas in Chisago City make a snap cover and bimini top for me. They did a great job and at a decent price.
  12. Black_Bay

    Roll Tide

    Looks like they have their teeth though.
  13. Has anyone been to the new Osseo Gun Club? What did you think?
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