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  1. Thought it would be fun to revisit this almost 2 years later. It's been a lot more work creating trails than I thought it would be. So it's been slow. We've got a few trails in the west half of my property, but so far the east half has been barely used. Last fall, extreme rain put a damper on creating any as most of my property was under a couple inches of water (or more). But this Summer and fall We've been going hard every few weeks. We got a camper (until I can build that cabin) and made an 8ft+ wide trail to get that back in the woods. The other trails are around 4ft wide (wi
  2. I have the same picture from 2016!
  3. I was kind of wondering the same thing.
  4. Put simply, it's not. Had to much going on last summer to get started. Maybe this summer but with my oldest starting college it might be tough.
  5. Kind of a play on the other nicknames thread but thought this might be interesting. We just keep calling ours "The Land". What names have you given you hunting land or cabins?
  6. My oldest and I got a couple around 4pm opening Saturday. Opposite sides of the 40 but shot within minutes of each other. Also cool to see the before/after rut changes in the buck. Trail cam photo from September courtesy of my neighbor.
  7. That's exactly right. Seen a truck this morning with that on it.
  8. Its painted on the only entrance apron into our lot. Hope they don't plan on digging that up.
  9. There is a construction project starting next door to my office. They have been marking the ground with paint all over the place including on our lot and most of them I understand, but there is KUI around the perimeter and in a few other spots. Anyone know what KUI stands for? Curiosity is getting the better of me and Google isn't helping.
  10. Anyone here been watching the final season? Any thoughts? I have been mostly disappointed in the direction they have gone but hopefully they redeem themselves in the final 2.
  11. I'm going to apply for the first time this year. Area 12. Looks like it's about every 4th year in area 12.
  12. I saved about $80 per month by switching (including the added internet cost). I was already paying for Netflix and Amazon Prime when I had cable so I don't consider them something that eats into that savings. I did add Hulu and occasionally HBO but even so, I'm still saving over $50 a month.
  13. Just looking, Hulu with Live TV has both History and Discovery ($45/Mo). Sling TV blue package also has both ($15/mo).
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