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  1. That's exactly right. Seen a truck this morning with that on it.
  2. Its painted on the only entrance apron into our lot. Hope they don't plan on digging that up.
  3. White paint. No flags.
  4. There is a construction project starting next door to my office. They have been marking the ground with paint all over the place including on our lot and most of them I understand, but there is KUI around the perimeter and in a few other spots. Anyone know what KUI stands for? Curiosity is getting the better of me and Google isn't helping.
  5. Anyone here been watching the final season? Any thoughts? I have been mostly disappointed in the direction they have gone but hopefully they redeem themselves in the final 2.
  6. I'm going to apply for the first time this year. Area 12. Looks like it's about every 4th year in area 12.
  7. I saved about $80 per month by switching (including the added internet cost). I was already paying for Netflix and Amazon Prime when I had cable so I don't consider them something that eats into that savings. I did add Hulu and occasionally HBO but even so, I'm still saving over $50 a month.
  8. Just looking, Hulu with Live TV has both History and Discovery ($45/Mo). Sling TV blue package also has both ($15/mo).
  9. I cut the cord several years ago and haven't missed a beat. I have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu and get nearly everything I want. I also get HBO Now for a few months a year but cancel when what I want to watch is over, mainly Game of Thrones.
  10. Do you have a link? I haven't participated in one of these in years but thinking I might again.
  11. I found a dead deer in our yard, not sure what killed it. There is no sign of scavengers where it was found, so it must have survived initially then wondered here and died. It's located right on the edge of town in Buffalo. We've had roadkill deer in our yard before, but this one was found a couple hundred yards from the road with no obvious blood trail. It was found last Friday. I noticed last Tuesday that there was only 2 deer feeding in our yard when there had been 3 the past several months. So I'm guessing it died around the 12th. My guess is it either got hit by a vehicle in an awkward fashion or got caught in some sort of farm machinery and made it to my yard before dying. If another animal did this (coyote or dog?) it had to have been done somewhere else and it survived the initial attack before dying in this location.
  12. Anyone else watch this? What did you think of it? I thought it was amazing, I've never watched anything like it before. For those that don't know, It's a Netflix movie that is part of the Black Mirror series. It's interactive, you get to answer questions that help decide the path the main character takes. Depending on you answer the questions, the movie can be anywhere from 40 minutes long to over 2.5 hours.
  13. Back to this post, is there any reason to wire it for 12V. Why not just wire the entire place with 14-2 like you would a house? I'm a noob with 12V and trying to understand why I would need it. Would 14-2 wire and standard outlets/lights not work with a battery bank and inverter?
  14. It will be used all year. It will hopefully become a retreat for me and get used at least once a month, more in the summer months and hunting season.
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