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  1. jbell1981

    Trail Layout

    A buddy let me use his ventless heater that is the style in the photo (not sure how many BTU's). It kept us ok last weekend, but just barely. It's supposed to be colder this weekend so I am going to use that and the buddy heater and see how it goes. I keep the roof vent open and a window cracked on the opposite end to keep clean air in there but I sure that doesn't help with keeping the heat in. I doubt you would want mine, but PM when the time comes closer. If I can get it back out without destroying my bridge, you probably could just have it. I only paid 100 bucks for it. Discovered a leak this weekend. The table broke in 2 so it has issues. Even though it technically sleeps 6, I wouldn't have more than 3 unless they were small kids.
  2. jbell1981

    Trail Layout

    Thanks Wanderer. I was wondering if I was overdoing it. I think I'm going to eliminate the east/west trails at the north and south borders and just have the spur trails every couple hundred yards off of the main center trail. I want the main center trail (magenta line) to be around 8ft wide to be able to get my jeep and trailer through but the rest I think 4ft would be good. Really any advice is good advice. This is all new to me. I'm used to hunting farm country in west central minnesota where the biggest group of trees is a few acres around an old homestead.
  3. jbell1981

    Trail Layout

    I've built 3 so far. I'm not a big fan of ladder stands or other portable stands, but I might pick up one or 2. They could come in handy on the state land across the road.
  4. jbell1981

    Trail Layout

    No issues. He has been a great resource and we text regularly. He's given me access through his land to build stands, helped with some trails, letting me in on things when I'm not there. Couldn't have found a better neighbor.
  5. jbell1981

    Trail Layout

    What I have found is that the deer go where the trails are but existing game trails are plentiful. Seems that they prefer the path of least resistance. The biggest purpose of the trails is for access for us. After trying to wonder around this weekend, it's nearly impossible to get to some places without killing yourself. If I shot a deer on the far east end this weekend, I don't know how we would get it out. I plan to do as much as I can before spring starts to green things up again.
  6. jbell1981

    Trail Layout

    The first picture shows part of the trail I have made. The other pictures show the what i'm dealing with. Lots of downed timber (blowdown or slash from an old logging), lots of scrub brush/trees, scattered tamaracks, spruces, birch & aspens.
  7. jbell1981

    Trail Layout

    After spending more time up there, I marked up aerials with a potential trail layout. Thought it would be fun to get people's thoughts & suggestions on what I could/should do differently. The only current trails there are what I am assuming was an old logging road and a new trail I made (the red jagged line on the west side.) The trail I made was a pain. It took the better part of a weekend using a chainsaw, weed whip and riding mower. The reason it's so jagged as I was trying to take the easiest path through, just to get something done. I hope to make the other trails a little more straight so they can act as shooting lanes as well. I am considering renting a skid steer with a forestry mulcher to do this but they are pricey. Might just hire out the main (magenta) trail and then do the rest myself with a chainsaw and brush cutter depending on cost.
  8. jbell1981

    Where Ya Opening The Season

    I am also hoping that this year is the start of a new tradition. I have been a slug hunter out near Herman since I was 12 (25 years) but this year my step-dad bailed on us suddenly after hunting with him for those 25 years. Since it was his land/contacts that we hunted, it left me and my 2 sons (17 & 14) without a place to hunt. At first I was quite upset that he bailed on us (the day before the antlerless lottery was due) but then I stumbled into 40 acres of cheap land up by Warroad that I now own. It's some nasty thick brushland with some Birch, Tamarack and Black Spruce mixed in and it's going to be tough hunting this year but it's ours. We only got one small trail in and one stand up, but it's a start. I don't expect much this year since we haven't had much time to prepare but hope my boys get a chance at something. This year we are staying in a pop-up, it's going to be cold, but it should be a fun time regardless. I picked up a couple 30-06's for my boys. Couldn't afford 3, so I still be slinging slugs. Hopefully this time next year it will have taken shape and year 2 of our new tradition will feature a bunk house, some trails and stands.
  9. jbell1981

    Anterless Permits

    For the first time in years I didn't have to apply to not get selected for 1 of the 100 doe permits in my previous area.
  10. jbell1981

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    I've considered it. The biggest obstacle for doing that is getting it on the property. We built a temporary bridge (pictures are in another post) that allows my jeep and a small trailer to cross. Getting anything larger over it would be tricky due to the steepness of the bank before the bridge and how narrow the road is. I think even the popup camper I got is going to be fun getting it across. Eventually I'll get a culvert and actual approach in to alleviate that problem but i'm not sure when I'll do that. Besides that, after contemplating it some, I think I would prefer to build and have a small cabin.
  11. jbell1981

    Hunting Shack Ideas

  12. jbell1981

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    Yeah, I'm hoping that there will be enough air flow under the shack to keep larger critters from calling it home.
  13. jbell1981

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    I prefer wood to other heating options. Probably because I grew up in houses where that was the main heat source.
  14. jbell1981

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    It will be heated with a wood stove and it will be toasty warm. Insulation can be added later if we feel the need. I won't be finishing the walls or anything now so it will be an easy add later. I'll probably wire it for a generator down the road too.
  15. jbell1981

    Hunting Shack Ideas

    I have considered a steel roof though. It would be easier to maintain but more expensive and I'm not sure I'd like a steel roof when it's raining in an uninsulated building.