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  1. jbell1981

    Bought Some Hunting Land

    Kind of why I want to work with him rather than just [PoorWordUsage] him off.
  2. jbell1981

    Bought Some Hunting Land

    I will get it surveyed at some point, just not a high priority just yet. I'll just post the side along the road for now and maybe the east side. He lives there year round and told me he has never seen anyone or heard shots on the 30 south of me and the 40 north of me. When I walked the property, I found 3 stands, all 3 belonged to the guy I have been talking to. The one he uses, an old ladder stand he is taking down and an old permanent that is rotted out.
  3. jbell1981

    Bought Some Hunting Land

    Here is a larger map of the area. Mine are the (2) blue outlined 20's. The deal is done at this point and I'm happy but feel free to to say shoulda, woulda, coulda.
  4. jbell1981

    Bought Some Hunting Land

    He owns a square 40 to the south. He has a stand (facing his field) and plowed field that encroaches my property (per the county GIS site) by 50ft. From old aerial photos, this strip has been plowed since at least 1991. Basically I'm letting him keep his stand and field where it is up to the left side of the magenta box. That strip offers little value to me. Even If I asked him to move it, i'm guessing it would go at the bottom left of the magenta box, rendering that strip still basically useless.
  5. jbell1981

    Bought Some Hunting Land

    It'll be fine, don't need to be a debbie downer. The magenta rectangle is the only part in question. He's just a guy the same age as me with kids the same age as mine who want to hunt and hunt safely. I'll get it surveyed at some point, maybe sooner if he sells. But for now we have talked and are good.
  6. jbell1981

    Bought Some Hunting Land

    Me and that landowner have talked. I think we have an agreement for that area. Shouldn't be a big deal. Should it become one then I guess I'll have to get it surveyed and find out exactly where the property lines are. I assume the county GIS sites are pretty close though.
  7. Less than 2 weeks ago, the place I had been hunting 25 years had fallen apart and I had no clue where my boys and I were going to hunt. Well as of this weekend I am now the owner of 40 acres up near Warroad. The land needs some work, hasn't been used in 15+ years but it was the right price. Heading up this weekend to build a temporary bridge over a drainage ditch and start getting some trails cut. It's thick. I walked it to check it out and it needs lots of brush thinning. Most of the trees are aspen, birch and a few pines scattered around. 2500+ of state forest land across the road too.
  8. jbell1981

    Getting An Approach/culvert Installed

    I don't even own the property yet so I wasnt planning on bugging the county or contractor. Just hoping someone has had something similar done.
  9. Anyone have any ballpark estimates on what this might cost? I am looking to purchase some land up by Warroad. There is a county ditch between the road and the land and no current approach. The ditch is around 5 feet deep and wide at the base but closer to 20 feet wide at the top. I want to be able to get a truck and camper in there at some point but just want to make sure the cost isn't ridiculous before buying the property.
  10. jbell1981


    I had a nice size garden spider on my garage door. It stayed there about 3 weeks. Had a mate who I assume did his business and met his doom. I finally needed to open the door so I safely caught it and let it go in the woods near our house. Her body is about an inch long. Probably about 3 inches total.
  11. I think the biggest concern is that what if it mutates to become something that can be transferred to humans like Mad Cow Disease.
  12. jbell1981

    No Pup for Penny

    Check bulletin boards are local business. Our grocery store has one that always has dogs posted on it. If you are looking for a purebred you aren't going to find much for less than $500 these days but check with lab breeders in your area to see what they have. Mixed breeds can sometimes be found for around $100, especially if it's not a pup and doesn't have some "designer breed" label (like golden doodle). Check online at the various classified ad sites. Cheaper dogs can be found if you are patient.
  13. jbell1981

    Dumping Cable for Streaming

    Does anyone have any good tips on streaming both ESPN and NFL Network? I can get ESPN on Hulu Live ($44/mo) but it doesn't look like they have NFLN. On Sling, ESPN is on Orange but NFLN is on Blue so I would need to get both which would be $40/mo. On Playstation Vue I can get both with their Core plan ($45/mo). Although I haven't tried, I'm guessing that I can't get this through our Xboxes, which is what we use on 3 of our TV's, so if I went this route I would need to buy some additional Roku's (what we use on our other TV's). Directv Now (their no satellite streaming service) ($35/mo) has ESPN but doesn't appear to have NFLN.
  14. jbell1981

    Dumping Cable for Streaming

    I have been contemplating it but haven't yet. The cost has been holding me back. I currently have Hulu's no commercial plan for $11.99 and if I went live I would want the no commercials live plan which is $43.99. Then if you want more than 50 hours of DVR (and the ability to fast forward through commercials) it is an additional $14.99. More than 2 screens at a time is also an additional $14.99. (You can get both for $20/mo). If you are not an existing customer you can try it for 7 days free. Unfortunately I can't since I am an existing customer (which led to a lively discussion with one of their customer service reps).
  15. jbell1981

    Dumping Cable for Streaming

    Can you DVR shows with Sling yet? When I had it, you couldn't which was part of the reason I discontinued it. I wish it was true alacarte (as advertised) where I could actually pick the channels I want from the ones they offer.