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  1. Under 5K. Looking at the list of Craig, that puts me in late 90's early 2000's machine for the most part with a few newer in that range. What is considered high miles for an ATV? Most I see are in the 2000 range.
  2. I've never owned an ATV and ridden very few. I am looking to get a used machine for my hunting property. It will be mainly used for food plot creation and maintenance as well as some snow plowing. Any recommendations or things to look for?
  3. Just found out the 40 north of mine is for sale. Does anyone have any recommendations on places that specialize in recreational/vacant land financing. I haven't tried yet, but I've always heard that most banks shy away from vacant land unless there is a development plan involved.
  4. Well he did that next to the deer gut pile he was munching on.
  5. He was 4. Ate something he shouldn't have. Had surgery to remove it but couldn't recover from the surgery.
  6. Our little guy had to be euthanized yesterday.
  7. Pictures from the youth deer hunt. Got a few stands put up over the weekend. Put up a meat pole. Found a nice pile of what I hope is from a bear. Snowy morning There's a decent sized deer around somewhere. The culmination of the weekend. Sunday morning my son pulled with trigger on a doe. Unfortunately the round didn't fire and they got scared off when he put through the next round.
  8. That rock formation looks like a giant frog!
  9. Thought it would be fun to revisit this almost 2 years later. It's been a lot more work creating trails than I thought it would be. So it's been slow. We've got a few trails in the west half of my property, but so far the east half has been barely used. Last fall, extreme rain put a damper on creating any as most of my property was under a couple inches of water (or more). But this Summer and fall We've been going hard every few weeks. We got a camper (until I can build that cabin) and made an 8ft+ wide trail to get that back in the woods. The other trails are around 4ft wide (wi
  10. I was kind of wondering the same thing.
  11. Put simply, it's not. Had to much going on last summer to get started. Maybe this summer but with my oldest starting college it might be tough.
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