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what did you get at the expo?

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2 MH Rods by Reaction Strike: 1-9'0 1-8'6

1 Beckman 34x40 Net

1 Hookpick

1 Super Cowgirl- Pink/Pink

3 Double Cowgirls- Pink-Nickel/Pink, Black/Purple, Black/Black

2 Homewreckers (Orange Tiger & Pink Tiger) Free w/ Rod purchases

1 Holcombe Magnum Topwalker- Orange/black

1 Holcombe Magnum LOWrider- BLACK

1 2-yrs Musky Hunter Subscription

1 Musky Hunter visor (free w/ subscription purchase)

1 Pro Edge Blaze Orange cap (free)... paid Keith off for my 2 8'6 Pro Edge custom rods

1 Abu Garcia 7000iC3 reel

1 Guided Trip to Mille Lacs with Steve Jonesi on Oct 14th (FULL MOON)

Plenty of new friends, new faces put to the postings/emails, and more business cards...

and a WONDERFUL pleasant experience over 2 days span...

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New to me Rod ( Thorn Bros )

New to me reel ( Okuma Induron)

3 Wades Wide Glides

1 custom Wades ordered

1 True Glide

3 DDD's

1 Hellhound

10" Jointed Believer

Custom tied Llungen DC-10

Custom EA Cowgirl

H30 sunglasses

2 DC-9's

2 TB Custom Reg Dawgs

2 Curly Sues

Hang 10 Lac Seul Manta


Old Style Magdawg

Discontinued Hellhound.

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I went to the expo today due with being busy with the MN boys state tournament and was overwhelmed with what to buy at the expo! I was impressed with it overall. I ended up purchasing 3 musky mayhem lures. Lots of good stuff there especially the minnow race were fun to watch! grin.gif

Rebel- $800 well spent???? hope you made it worth it haha!

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I picked up my custom Thumper from Luke (Mojo), that I won on another board. Sweet bait to say the least. Also picked up a Abu 7000 from Luke. I caught RK's lecture and went home.

Total spent 85.00 - 10 to get in and 75 on the reel.

I figured I can't catch anything with the piles of tackle I currently have, no sense in spending more monies...

But RK definitely forced me to rethink the way I spend the limited amount of time I have on the water. Thank you RK, now I just need to make it pay off.


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7'6" h rod shimano from bluewater nice folks..

1 dbl cowgirls

1 dc10

2 hellhound

1 doc

1 reef hawg

wish i had bought reel yesterday o well.. now only i need to do is find ymca or any place that hold swimmin pool for me to try out these lures.. \:\)

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Well, I picked up my rod from KT Pro Edge, which somewhat set the tone for the rest of my pick-ups. The rod is a 9' Diamondback Med action, as I'm looking more towards having smaller stuff as an option. Speed thrills and kills at times, both pure strain and tigers were in mind. There is more to life than big blade baits.

I grabbed a few reg size Bulldawgs that I was looking for in a particular color(red/w white tail), old ones were chewed up, hint hinthint..... Also added a few more Believers in differing sizes, such a versatile bait. Jonesi had some bucktails along the line of a Lilly Tail for me, and I grabbed a Howie from Muskie Mojo, excited about that one for sure. Added a few other mid-sized bucktails along the way. A few more Esox Cobra jigs too, that 8/0 hook is really nice. Great price on 'em.

Grabbed a hook pick too, as I said before the show. Hope I don't need it often, but if I do it's a lifesaver for a fish and a potential finger saver too.....

Shot the breeze a bit and got to say "hi" to several people too, along with some great ideas from the seminars.

Good times for a March weekend.....

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Esox M,

Nice chatting with you, despite the cold....hope the rod and reel serves you well.

Do both me and yourself one favor and swap out the split rings and hooks on the Dawg, trust me from bad experiences. I did the splits (from a past nightmare) but let the hooks ride, only to have a low 40s tiger hit the net and come unbuttoned because one tine on the treble bent out.... I'm doing all the hooks to Mustad 3551 3/0s this Spring as a result.

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I managed to leave the expo with only Ty Sennet's Creeptonite and a couple Dunwright Cranks that were 50% at thorne Bros. I was pretty proud of myself at that point for not going crazy on lures. Well then we had to stop at Sportsman's Warehouse and they had a deal on a Loomis 7'7" Heavy Bucktail that I couldnt pass up. Then I Bought a Super Humper, Water Spider, and a couple 8" Manta's that were 50% off and had to snatch them up too. Lot of good deals going on thats for sure.

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 Originally Posted By: eyehead
and a couple 8" Manta's that were 50% off and had to snatch them up too.

I must have missed those. I assume River Run must be up and running again because Mantas were pretty hard to find last summer. I definitely want to add more of those to by arsenal.

Being my first attendance at the show, I did more looking around than shopping. I bought some of the monster tubes because I can't keep the Mille Lacs walleyes off of the smaller Lindy Tubes. ;\) I also bought a flying witch and a double bladed blue/silver bucktail. I need to buy another box before I buy any more lures.

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MuskieSlayer, the Manta's were at Sportsman's Warehouse.... From what i've heard River Run is going to start making a limited number of baits each year. So they might still be hard to get your hands on them????

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Without a doubt, the best show of the season. Huge props to George and his crew for a job well done. Lots of reasons why it was the best,one being the 10 minute drive home instead of 10 hours.It was great to see so many familiar faces and talk muskies for 3 days. I did bring home a few goodies(tools) for this season and am planning the attack now! 2 of these tools are the new 3 1/2 oz. Raddog Spinnerbats and the Giant Flasher Spinnerbait from Shumway. Day or night, these are going to get bit!Spinnerbaits often get lost in the shuffle, but are one of the most versatile baits out there. Throw in some Ace Tandems and I'm good to go, top to bottom! Is it June yet???? Steve

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 Originally Posted By: MuskieSlayer
I guess I didn't catch that critical piece of info. Did you grab the last ones?

Nope, I think we grabbed arouund six of em... they still had a dozen or so...

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Lots of fun just people watchen an talken.

Bonnie came home with $250 worth O stash for $125....Hmmmm.

Pays to lose a couple buttons an flash a smile on a Saturday afternoon.


Always a hoot seeing old friends an meeting new ones also.


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Very informative seminars... Bob M's figure eight video was crazy! I've never seen anything like it.

Picked up some tiger tubes, tuf line, and a copy of 'Time on the Water' by Bill Gardner- a story about a musky cowboy. We'll see how it turns out...

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