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  1. Muskiefool

    Rob Kimm at Chap 54 Meeting 9-11-13

    That was great Rob; many thanks.
  2. Rob will cover alternative Tactics for fall fishing,I guarantee you will learn something good. Meeting is free and as always open to the public. 7:00pm @ Eagles in Owatonna. Food POP and Drinks are available and as always wives and kids are always welcome. Hope to see you there.
  3. Muskiefool

    MN WILD.....LOL!!!!! I told u so

    Coyle, Zucker and Brodin are within a year or 2 of being some of the best if not the best in the league.This is without a doubt the best team they've ever had; coaching is possibly an issue in how the defense was utilized. Goaltenders are a issue but not the end of the world. That said Buck whose your pick for the cup now that the Sure loser is out lol.
  4. Muskiefool

    pike org.

    Thanks for the kind words about the MMPA guys, we work very hard and love our fishery. Stop by the Muskie Expo and Join.
  5. Muskiefool

    56 inch minimum?

    The average size of the fish harvested from Mille Lacs in 2005 was 36#'s according to the creel survey. Five years earlier it was 28.5# average wight harvested. In 2011 they have no data other than released fish, and lets just say people are not as proud of keeping fish as they were 8 and 13 years ago.
  6. Muskiefool

    56 inch minimum?

    The long range plan states that the DNR will manage Muskies as a Trophy fish (Muskellunge Long Range Plan Goal To provide unique, high quality angling opportunities for trophy muskellunge.)2020 Plan They actually manage the fish for adult fish and by their own articles Muskies are only considered Trophy's after 50 inches. 50 inchers are great fish and I'll take them all day. Fact of the matter is we have a small window to address what anglers are seeing. The MN DNR virtually catches nothing over 54 inches in its nets leading them to believe the fish doesn't exist. Anglers are catching many fish over 54 and are taking fish over 48, some people say they keep every legal fish they catch and are as good as nay Pike of any size. I was told the estimated harvest on Leech Lake was 300+ Muskies. In 2005 2800#'s of Muskie were harvested from Mille Lacs and within 2 years angling hours dropped by 2/3rds. That was at 48 inch min. So now the pressure has moved to smaller lakes that are absorbing the pressure and the harvest has moved with it. So our question is do we wait for Wabagoon or do we preserve Lac Seul and insure protection of the fish Mr. Winther is traveling for and people are seeking here; and nowhere else because you have virtually no chance anywhere else to catch one? So we ask the DNR to look into the issue, our concerns are valid and stretch from 800acre French to 130,000 acre Mille Lacs. The few "H" words that are so very concerned about Muskies and keeping the size down and the season open all winter? I really have no clue why they care and are so passionate about Muskie regs. Why would they care unless they too what something from Muskies. Great article RK..
  7. Muskiefool

    56 inch minimum?

    Anyone planning a trip to Wabagoon for a giant Muskie? Or Ohio? maybe Illinois or Indiana; possibly Michigan is tearing @$$ up your short list to get this giant.
  8. Muskiefool

    Caught 40" Musky icefishing

    Cool picture, like was mentioned before they are very easy prey under the ice on many of our lakes, hence the Dec.1 closure.
  9. How do we stop people from speeding? How do we stop anything that causes harm to us or anything in life that's beneficial to us? gosh; could we regulate it to appeal to the 99% of those of us who do not; or will not break the law? Could we hire a group of enforcement officers with the ability to fine, seize property and impose incarceration, to deter the fringe of the 1% from doing whats wrong; and keep the rest of us following the laws to keep these things, these creatures around for awhile. But that's a really valid question that we should look deeper into. How do we stop all people from doing the wrong thing all the time.
  10. Muskiefool


    I'll do some digging on the meeting Wed, my guess is they may not have it if temps are over 80; but I think their may be some new French Lake info that would be nice to hear. I'll post up when I hear anything.
  11. Muskiefool


    Next Wed Chapter 54 will have a night on the water at French unless water temps are too high; they cancelled the last one. Several guys from Mankato generally head over. Everyone meets at Hoys after. The best way to learn how to fish Muskie is from the guys that have years behind them and there's allot of years in that group willing to help new guys.
  12. Muskiefool

    Muskies and High Water Temps

    Thanks RK good article
  13. Muskiefool


    pretty slow; we only boated one Nice Pike Sheephead...