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  1. Quackaddict9

    Early Goose Reports

    another 5 man this morning and a band, lots of birds around. Here's a little clip...sorry the audio is not the greatest. Can't figure out how to get good audio with the GoPro with the case on.
  2. Quackaddict9

    Early Goose Reports

    A pair we knocked down Sunday morning.
  3. Quackaddict9

    Early Goose Reports

    Hunted close to the Indian Reservation and there were lots of birds coming off a lake on the Reservation, first time hunting the area. Many larger flocks than these family, pairs and loners I would see in a different area I have hunted the past. We shot a 5 man limit on Saturday morning and ran traffic with 4 guys Sunday morning and shot 12. Back at it again this Saturday, fields looking really good with new birds in the area.
  4. Quackaddict9

    body heater suit

    Still way cheaper than Sitka jacket and bibs combined.
  5. Quackaddict9


    Same dang thing every year.... Bucks will drop sheds in December, January, February, March or as late as April. Each buck to its own.
  6. Quackaddict9

    Minnesota monster buck! Tagged by traffic

    I agree, it looks a little different. Wonder if that was a pic from this year or last? A few more pictures would be helpful but at this point, I say it's a different deer.
  7. Quackaddict9

    Score on this deer?

    lol... Who cares, do it the way you want. Meat hunter or trophy hunter, whatever it is. I donated one of my deer to the venison program this year, does not mean I don't like eating venison. I have meat from another deer I shot. Back to topic, can't really tell how big the deer is in the picture but looks like I would shoot him.
  8. Quackaddict9

    Do you shoot hens?

    Love it with guys razz on people who look for leg iron...I am one of them I look for them all the time, don't always see them but I do sometimes. Although most of my bands I've shot or been part of, didn't know they had a band. Say all you want... it is not going to affect me. G' day. as to the answer to the original question, yes I shoot hens at times but always look for drakes first.
  9. Not directing this post to you but to everyone: I have many times, Most days have turned out to be a good hunt as well. I guess it depends the numbers of birds are using the field, shooting at big flocks? Hunt and limit out quick, get out fast if you can? It depends I suppose...
  10. Quackaddict9

    New Home Sweaters

    If I'm not sure where they're playing ....look at the scoreboard/time and bottom team is the home team. I like the dark color for home games myself.
  11. When this happens...I get on my call hard and cry to make them come. Worked some days, other days calling less worked. It's part of the game. One guy said set up further downwind of your spread...that would be a good idea to try.
  12. Quackaddict9

    Ants in trail camera

    Had that happen to one of mine for the first time that I left from December to last weekend it was full of ants. Wasn't funny!
  13. Quackaddict9


    I sold all my FFDs and bought 3 dozen new style Final Approach decoys and they look much better than the old style. Pictures do not do the justice that you see in ads but I have some and they looked decent. I thought the DOA decoys looked goofy but they are tough. Not sure what's the deal with cabelas dropping ghg/Avery products...
  14. Yes there is....hunting under the birds flight path over fields or between the field they are using....can work out well. "Running' Traffic" many people do it but being on the X is less work most days.
  15. Quackaddict9

    2013 Early Departures List

    I did not think so either...heck Bjugs looked better last year than this year. Noticed the lack of puck control this year (stick handling) looked like he did not have the comfort I thought. It doesn't matter anymore anyway....