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  1. Hi Dotch, if you want some help with the crows and a really fun twist to catching them, shoot me a note. birdmanmt at gmail dot com -Jeff
  2. Are you guys near the west metro seeing many birds in town? With all the snow and such, I wonder how the birds are doing and if they are moving inward to feed at bird feeders and such. So many cattail swamps are filled in this year, sure is tough right now. I gotta believe they are pretty concentrated right now where the food is if they've survived all the snow.
  3. What is your goal? To catch something or to catch your biggest something? Mille Lacs has the potential, but you have to ask yourself, "am i ok not catching the biggest fish of my life for days on end?" or do you need some action? The mind can mess with ya out there...for every super tanker Hamernick has gotten recently, I'd wager there are over 2000 hours fished by him and others without seeing a thing. Heck, i'd bet it's worse than that.
  4. Define big...13's raised and caught fish for me through ice up last year.
  5. I went to school in bemidji 10+ years ago, had access to some private land outside of saum and always was able to find birds. Worth looking in that area.
  6. Ohhh so tempting...maybe. It would be sweet to steal first slime dibs in the new floaty toy. I already sold the farm to mr. pig, have him forward the email...i'll get yours from him.
  7. I shoot steel as well, haven't had that problem...yet...usually shoot 6's.
  8. Way to go treats, it's all your fault!
  9. In the spirit of giving credit where it's due, Matt, that recipe for quesadillas is FANTASTIC! My wife usually refuses to eat anything I cook and she loved them. Easy to make and they are delicious, thanks for posting it!
  10. I've got a BPS 12 gauge and it is HEAVY for upland stuff. Depending on how you hunt, that may or may not matter.
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