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  1. Didnt take long for the deer to find it. Even got pictures of 5 or 6 bucks already, cant wait to watch em grow this summer!
  2. Lookin good Slim, I bet you get some really good pictures over those sites!! In the pictures it looks like you have your mineral in a stump.... So are you bringing a stump into your mineral hole or are you creating a hole around an exsisting stump in the ground?? I think next time I go for minerals im just gonna get a few of the blocks instead of buying the bagged stuff...sounds like it works just as good and its cheaper! Thanks fellas
  3. Too early to get them started?? Bought a couple 25 lb bags of mineral from Fleet Farm the other day. Ive never established a mineral site before so Im wondering if you fellas had any do's and dont's to getting the site started. Just dump the whole bag in a pile and wait for the rain to come an dillute it into the soil or what works best for you?? Any tips would be great!! Hopefully the mineral sites will help me getting a majority of the resident bucks im hunting on camera. Every summer I have a tuff time getting them to walk in front of cameras even though I know they are out there (usually just run them on trails). Always get a ton of bucks on camera when I put them over commuity scrapes in late October, but now that im bowhunting it would be nice to get pictures earlier in the year so I know how picky I can be.
  4. We sell our 4000psi mix right around $105/yard...So somewhere in the nieghborhood of $345 in concrete cost for your apron around here. In the metro id imagine it would go for $10-25 more per yard?
  5. I was in the same boat as you about a month ago Creep. Had never even shot one until I bought it. Sent an arrow into the basement wall the first night I had it home on my little 15 yd range, somehow managed to hit the release about half draw Wife was thrilled!! Biggest things ive been working on are my form, breathing and just trying to repeat my shot everytime....and not sending any more arrows thru the wall Lots of fun to see the improvments a guy makes with some practice! Thanks to all the bow guys on here too! Been reading alot of good info you guys have provided on the forums over the years...deer hunting during Slug and Muzzleloader season just isnt enough time. Cant wait for September to roll around!
  6. Heres a few Ive found so far. Been a suprisingly good year, even with all the snow. Now to match a few of them up before the squirrels take care of em!
  7. I get 14 city/18+ highway with my 2012 RAM....you wont see 26 MPG with a HEMI. My old man has a new 5.3 Chevy LTZ and sees about the same mileage as I do. I think his rides a little bit better empty, but id rather tow my boat, camper, ect down the highway with mine. I dont think ya can go wrong with either one!!
  8. Assuming your talking Mille Lacs.... The cracks usually run to the North towards Terry's.
  9. Add anything heavy to it (Skid, Camper, or heavy wheel house) and you wish you had a RAM! Dont get me wrong...chevy has the re-sale,ford has the MPG, but if you want a truck go with a RAM hands down!maybe even toyota for that matter...dont buy into the name, test drive em all I dont care about re-sale, MPG.. i want a truck that will perform like a TRUCK is supposed too! This coming from a previous chevy/gmc owner and family that owns chevy/ford.
  10. Nice pics Muskie! You should have some nice bucks on your piece next year.
  11. IDO and give me a Johnsonville With Woods and waters. I like the guys energy!
  12. eyehead


    +1 Might be a little spendy to get the good glass, but well worth it after a day on the water/ice!
  13. 2012 RAM 1500 9,000-mine 2011 Malibu 42,000-wife Done buying vehicles for a LONG time...
  14. This team is impressive!! Gonna be fun to see how far this squad goes after watchin too many years of mediocre Gopher basketball!
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