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  1. Berkley Havoc Deuce twin tails, cheap and they have a nice action with the twin tails.
  2. cjac

    Off Season Deals

    Tackle W: I didn't get an email and logged into my account on the site and I'm not seeing any BF sale..... Am I missing the trick?
  3. I've been throwing a 1/4 Title Shot jig head with a 3.5 inch beaver, not exactly a finesse jig, but a finesse/downsized approach from the typical J'n'P or the 4.25 inch beavers or chigger craws. I use a 7' M St Croix Legend with a Scoprion MG and 12# fluoro. It's been very good to me the the last 2-3 weeks, both largemouth and smallies.
  4. Another thumbs up here! They cut easily and the ability to cut tags to the point they're almost not there is outstanding. I have a lighted one that was handy on opener. Good stuff!
  5. That was brutal....add insult to it with Hall getting the game winner. Someone needs to be a leader on the bench in the 3rd period and sound the wake up call. Side note: Jagr gets game winner and Brodeur gets the win for New Jersey. These guys are from the 1990 draft class. That's just amazing.....
  6. These were done outside the dealer and are a up/down toggle switch on the seat base vs. the factory controls on the door panel with the window and door controls. So, it makes the fuse panel trace a bit more difficult. My guess is the element as well, but hoping for a quick and easy. Next step is the voltage assessment and see where I have juice and where I don't. Thanks Mac
  7. So, I have a '10 Tahoe that had after market heated seats installed. The driver side isn't working, but the passenger side is. Anyone have any idea on how/where these are wired and where the fuse may be? It could be the switch but it would be nice if it was as simple as a fuse. Any ideas? Thanks y'all....
  8. cjac

    Olympic Hockey

    I'm working on clearng my calendar for Thursday from 11:00 'til 1:30. The women's gold medal game is going to be a helluva battle.
  9. That is awesome, have fun!
  10. cjac

    Treble Hooks

    Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hook They are nasty sharp and solid hooks. I think I use 4s on the smaller baits and 2s on the series 5 & 6 Strike King baits.
  11. Wow.....it's really cheap too, 600 yards for $15-$17 depending on the # test. I'll definitely give that a try.
  12. cjac

    Lew's BB1 or BB1pro

    +1 Those are the biggest reasons I stick with fluoro. That thin braid will cut down into the spool when you're trying to launch a DT 16. I know some guys like to switch to a braid in late summer when fishing the deep coontail stuff, but I've not tried that myself. A decent rod and you can snap off most weeds with a good pop.
  13. cjac

    Lew's BB1 or BB1pro

    I have the BB1 and love it. I'd definitely go with the lower ratio, that's what the reel is made for. I suppose you could use a 6.4, but I'd not want to fish with it all day and to your question of as effectively, I'd simply say "no". I like the multi-stop, I think I feel more of whats going on. Keep in mind that is only on the 5.1 ratio models. As far as the BB1 vs. the pro model: the pro has an oversized line guide and is supposedly better for handling braided line. For cranks, you're gonna be using fluoro mostly, so I'm not sure if the extra $40 is really giving you that much ov
  14. It's an oldie but I think I found Swindle's doppelganger.
  15. When the mess of cardboard shipping rod tubes in the corner of the garage gave way and fell onto the garage floor and it sounded like gunfire I knew I had an issue. That and it took three weeks of the recycling bin to get rid of cut up excess tubes.... Glad to hear I'm not the only one with an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of rod/reel pairings. LOL So....too many combos but not enough. I seem to say I'm upgrading rods/reels but can't convince myself to let the 2nd string combos that I'm supposedly replacing go.
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