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  1. Shot double (first grouses ever for both of me and my dog) today for first hunt of the year... Mambo pinned one in island of ferns I was walking toward where mambo was pointing, grouse explode front of me, dropped that one and all of sudden 3-5 grouses start to flushing at once , shot one more and missed another then 5-8 more grouse flushed when I am trying to reload and mambo was still pointing before the bird he was pointed finally flushed before I had chance to shoot... I never ever had seen actions like that before!!!! Pointed couple more after that no shot chance as it's Jungle alike out there. Fun day!
  2. I have 1.5 yo Brittany, it was his first time hunting in woods past weekend after grouse, we put up 4 grouse and one woodcock in 14 hours of hunt in 2 days, when We got home I bathed him and saw that he had a lot of scratches and "rug" burn under his ear and is there any way to prevent that for future hunt? Vaseline?
  3. Once I made a group of fisherman to release all bullhead back in water they left on ground flopping. I don't care if they are ugly or steal your bait al the time, its illegal to wanton waste them. Game fish or rough fish. I treat them equally.
  4. ole matty

    Mavericks 88

    The gun was given to me, had anyone ever shoot those gun? I m a semi auto guy and don't have any pump gun before till now. I was not sure if I m going to keep it or get rid of it.
  5. He had move a few time when bird are running, sometime he would move' around the bird. It's like there's barrier around bird where he would never try to flush them. Like I stay I had corrected it by more whoa training. I hope it's one and done thingy. Maybe it's crosswind got him confused or whatever. He's still a pup. Thank for hat trick I will do that the next time.
  6. I went to shooting preserve last weekend to do some training on my 11 month old Brittany, mambo, he did really good job pointing chukar and hen pheasant, . As we approach small clump of grass, , mambo caught a whiff of scent and tracked to where clump was and locked up, I was 30 feet away and walking to flush the bird all of sudden mambo back off the point and ran straight to me and turn around and locked again approximate 5' behind me, I was confused so I just stand there and waiting for his next move but he stayed locked up till I walked closer to grass, the rooster decide to run and I had to chasing to get him to fly but mambo stayed locked up till I downed it. once in awhile he would reset his position to make sure bird are really there where he think they are I think that what he was trying to do, I had corrected it by more whoa training , , But This was the first time I ever had see him back off and went behind me 15' away from bird. I was wondering should I be really concern about it and anyone have idea why would be back off and repoint again as he is already 5-7' away from bird?
  7. Who's still pheasant hunting and going to hunt till end? I still want to hunt more, would like to have someone else to hunt with, everyone I know is done for the season.
  8. Anyone ever shoot mossberg silver reserve 20 ga ou before? How do you like it? Was thinking to get one for grousin and pheasant. I do most of my shooting close range.
  9. Check out mn dnr HSOforum, they have list of public land you can hunt. I believe there are couple of lands south of Mille lacs.
  10. What do u have? Gopro hero 1,2 or 3? Want to get one for myself.
  11. Start out on 30-50 ft check cord. If she tried to take off hold on the rope, it will yanked her. After few weeks work on where its off limit to her.. After that start her on e-collar but left the rope on her too.. Repeat the steps. It worked for me on my world stubborn border collie/lab. Now he know where is off limit. Only go off when I am with him or told him to. Good luck! Puppies can be fun and pain in the but at the same time!!!!!
  12. Would love to see some pictures!!!!!!!! I wasn't even expecting that a lot of wolves will be taken over the weekend! Awesome!
  13. Anyone know where I can buy a half- to a dozen of quails around here? (Stacy-Hugo) thanks!
  14. 400d replace the 400te from what I understand. As for jerkbait rod get high speed reel like curado 300e or ej. I love my 300e for jerkbait. Good line pick up.
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