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  1. Fished on Mille lacs all of Saturday, moved a few fish and lost a decent one on a phantom. Came home Sunday to get some time on my home water and moved 6, my buddy lost a 42" class fish right at the boat and I stuck this 51.25" right at dark on a baby doc. The fish came all the way out of the water and absolutely crushed it. Wish I could've had it on film, it was unreal.
  2. Youtube thorne brothers, they have some good online seminars that took place right in the shop.
  3. 29" from this past weekend. She crushed a rippin rap.
  4. one of the better ones from this weekend.
  5. awesome! I still remember my first one like it was yesterday, he'll carry that memory with him forever. congrats!
  6. nice rods, I own a couple of them. You can also find some cheaper used shimano calcutta 400b's online and they are a solid reel.
  7. glad you got everything worked out, never have had a bad experience with thornes!
  8. thought this pic was pretty funny.
  9. I'll be watching. Heard on the radio it was filmed in Bemidji
  10. I went on saturday and picked up 2 twis'td sis'tr clickers from Tom over at Big Mama. Those things are gonna be fish catching machines. I also picked up a windowmaker from kramer bros tackle. At the swap i picked up a couple phantoms, a medussa, and a pacemaker. June can't get here soon enough!
  11. we had 20" extensions. It was tough with all the snow on the ice. In some spots we couldn't even get all the way through.
  12. I don't post much in the walleye forum but I figured you guys and gals would like this and I have to share seeing as how I stuck my biggest walleye to date! Friday March 14th- we loaded up the trucks and got the sleds all ready to go. We would leave the cities early the next morning with high anticipation of searching out some big greenbacks! Saturday March 15th- We made it to Winnipeg around 5:30pm and spent the next 2 hours trying to find a fishing license. After going to a couple different gas stations, a Walmart, and spending time in a Mcdonalds using their wifi, we finally found a license at a Canadian tire. Sunday March 16th- We loaded up our gear from out hotel in downtown Winnipeg and headed for the lake. We were meeting our guide Lee Nolden at 6:30 am. We made it to the landing just before day break and it was COLD. It was -20 when we were getting our gear together. We went out of Chalet beach. It was tough fishing for our group the first day. A big front was projected to come through around noon so we didn't venture out to far. It didn't come through til about 4pm so when we were packing up, we had to deal with high winds and snow. We only ended up catching about 20 fish on day 1 with 27" being the biggest. Other than that lots of dinks. Monday March 17th- We woke up to cloudy skies but much nicer temps. The high was suppose to get up to 30 so that felt like a heat wave compared to the previous day! We ran out about 8 miles and immediately were on fish. Between 6 guys we caught around 175 fish with 26" being the biggest. Most fish averaged anywhere from 18"-22" with a few nicer fish being caught. Lots of nice eaters were hitting the ice. My hot bait for the day was a pink/white glow blade bait from B fish N tackle. Other guys from my group were getting nice fish on the live targets. We were fishing anywhere from 5-10 feet with the shallowest fish coming from 2 feet of water. Lee is a hell of a guide and we were on fish the whole day. I highly recommend him if anyone is on the fence about hiring a guide up there. It helped a ton. Here is an action shot of me fighting a fish from day 2. Tuesday March 18th- This was our last day to fish and we were on our own. We elected to fish a different spot on the lake so we went to "the mouth", where the river flows into Lake Winnipeg. We heard there were some nicer fish being caught and we still hadn't caught a giant. Our first spot my buddies dad popped a super nice 26" on a gold rippin rap. It was pretty uneventful after that so we moved about 250 yards away and set up shop in some deeper water. Right away we were marking fish and another 26" was caught on a live target. That fish was an absolute chunker, when she came up I figured she was all of 28" but came up a hair short. 20 minutes had passed and I was up to bat. I was working my blade bait a couple feet off the bottom when all of a sudden a HUGE red mark appeared on the vex. It was so big that I honestly thought it was some sort of interference, until it started following my bait. I held the bait still and felt a bump and hammered the hook set home. My 36" Medium Heavy doubled over. It never made any big runs, instead it was just dead weight coming up. Her head came through the slush and I could not believe what I was looking at. She was the biggest walleye I had ever seen, let alone laid eyes on. I got her unpinned and snapped a few pics and slid her back down the hole. Looking back, I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting a girth measurement. Here she is guys and gals, 30" of pure muscle! Other big fish to mention- a 28" and a 27.5" were caught and those were a couple PB's for those guys so that was awesome! My goal going into this trip was to crack the 30" mark and I'm extremely thankful to have gotten it done. Winnipeg is a truly amazing lake and if you have the chance to go, do it. It was an awesome trip and I can't wait to head back for march madness next year!
  13. both are great baits and they both have a time and place.
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