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Marcum LX5?


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Gander says there are 4 in Woodbury, one in St. Cloud and no more in the state. I called Woodbury and St. Cloud this morning and they have none. I went to MarCum's web site and started calling every dealer with-in 90 miles of the cities and no one has any MarCum's in stock. Thorn Bro's has a couple VX-1's, but that is it, besides Mike's bait in Forest Lake has one left for $479.00. That is it this year for the LX-5 in MN for store sales. Even web sites are out, like FM’s Outdoor store, the first place I looked. Either MarCum did not make many or the machine is that good. Again, no body has any VX-5’s left in the metro.

Well folks, I lucked out big time. Even though I had a couple stores (Gander) say another store did not have any in stock on the locator, I called each one. Forest Lake had one (Unopened gift return) this morning and I went over and snacked it up at the sale price.

I have done a lot of home work on the two (Vexi and MarCum) and been back and forth over the fence to many times. I was going to buy an FL-20 this morning, but went with the LX5. My two main reason for going with MarCum where the battery charging system (I am terrible at remembering a battery on a charge, I tend to cook them and they are junk right away) and the other fact that people I know and I will be fishing with in the future and now, use MarCum. I guess (I have heard it many times for people who owned both), the FL-20 tends to have issues when used in the same shack as a MarCum. It came down to that. If the people I knew and my fishing buddies had Vex's, I would own an FL-20 right now. Actually, I think the FL-20 and Vex in general is a great machine. I wish they just had a better charging system and could blow the MarCum out of the shack, instead of vise versa. I am gearing up for the Cool-Cats and have the kids get together on Sat... I am sure there will be a large number of MarCum's being used and I would hate to have issue with the Vex., if i had bought one today.

Going home to try it out tonight. My Silent Sixty finally died and I played a little Taps the other night when I sent her off to the Big Lake in the Sky. It was a good machine, but had been going down hill since last season. Action in Anoka a couple years ago said it was coming and it did. She sounded like a banshee after the second trip this year and parts are not around anymore I guess.

Ah well, a new MarCum was born in her name today.

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Sorry, I can not do that, but look at MarCum's website and you will find the full real name on their store. It the only other vender in Forest Lake besides Gander. Right click and copy it to a Yaho or Google search and you will find the phone number in seconds.

Good luck..

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Thanks, Fisherman-Andy and Shackbash!!! I called Gander in Bemidji and they found LX5's in Baxter and Fargo. So I called Baxter and have 1 one the way now grin.gif. Not sure why the shoetage, but there has been a lot of good reviews of this unit this season, maybe it just became that popular or maybe there is an LX-7 on the way, that would be my luck. Although the LX-1 and the LX-3 have not gone away. Now I just need to get the store from hsolist to refund my money :/. Thank you eveyone for your help :).

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Good to hear!

I should retract my Gander comment, the search the clerks did was in a drivable distance from the metro area. As far as I know, I got the last one in MN at Gander (others store for that matter) with in a driving distance of the Metro.

What I have heard from the 40 places I called today, was they sold every thing they had. I also asked a couple prominent bait store owners that sell MarCum in the metro, what they could do to make it better. I got a laugh at first, but not much (minus having it send a signal to make fish bite). They always come up with new stuff, but I just got done playing around with mine and it seems pretty neat.

So, does the LX-5 beep when a fish meets up with you bait? The simulator displayed this. That is cool as he!!. So when I am playing around in shack, a fish comes it for the kill, the machine beeps to alert me. Wow.

Time will tell if I made the correct decision, but I am happy right now. I am really loving the features of this machine.

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So, does the LX-5 beep when a fish meets up with you bait? The simulator displayed this. That is cool as he!!.

Not that I know of. I have been fishing with an LX-5 for a few years now and have not found that feature yet.

The LX-5 is simply the best unit out there. Other units are very good... But the 5 is in a league of its own as of this moment in my opinion!

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Well, I was just playing with the simulator and once the fish comes from the bottom and meets your bait, it beeps. It does start the simulation over again right after this, so that is what the beep must mean. To good to be true.

Cool idea for the L-X7.

It like going from a Pinto to a Lincoln.

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I am associated with MarCum and what I can tell you is that the normal amount of LX-5's that are produced were not enough, they ran into this as well with first year LX-3's... Word is getting out, no doubt. You must remember that the last couple of winters were well not very long ice fishing seasons because of above average temps. this year started slow and immediately the North country has received very favorable conditions for a good long ice period. It's unfortunate that MarCum is out of these LX-5's and hopefully in the future there will be no shortages. MarCum selling out everywhere here and you'll be lucky to find one left in NY. As far as the LX-7 goes well it would have to catch fish and open my beer can to do better than the LX-5. I would like to see some of the suggestions customers have asked to improve the LX-5 for next season. No way in heck do I want them to alter the receiver or powerhead there fantastic the way they are.

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All I can say, is I love my MarCum.

Here are a couple of slabs that I have my MarCum to thanks for. I went fishing last night and things where slow. If I had not had my MarCum, I would have missed them.



I seen them coming in and I adjusted to get them to bite.

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Congrats on the purchase Shack. I can tell by your pictures you're ecstatic ;\)

Tim, I love my LX-5, but there are some things I would love to see as "improvements".

I would like to see a retractable transducer cable, and also something to raise the transducer off the docking platform to keep it from freezing. Maybe also some sort of strap to attach a slush scooper.

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Hey now, I am working on the “professional” picture taking that comes to you guys second nature. My smile looks more like a drunk binge expression and I will give my self a pat on the back for the holding of the fish and the display of the gear(which I have been working on more than one thinks). I am learning, but know I need some work. You, Hanson, Matt and Tyler make it seem easy. I guess in my defense, I am handing my digital camera over to a guy who is learning how to handle one, with me instructing him what to do, plus fish are coming in at the same time LOL.

One question I do have is, does the digital pad light up?

I am new to this thing and while I was fishing, I found my self using the head light to find what to punch.

If it does not have a light up pad, this would be a good idea for us night time fisherman in a future model.

Besides that, it is a great machine and I will use it until it dies like my Silent Sixty did.

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Congrats on you purshase! The beep you hear only happens in the demo mode. You wont hear that when theres a fish on your bait, although that would be awesome. Nice pic by the way. I agree with the lighted key pad, thats a great idea, doesnt seem to hard to implement either....


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Ya, I have been over this thing now a lot and figured out my questions, but still have more to learn.

Thanks though.

This a great machine, best purchase twords fishing I have made in a long, long time. cool.gif

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