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  1. Just an FYI. There is actually 4 versions of the clam plate. Yes as hard to swallow but the clam plate has been out for some time now. Generation 4 clam plate is the version where you don't have to remove the chuck. As far as getting the ring to slide onto the shaft adapter just pound it in with a hammer or mallet. Issus plaguing Gen 4 clam plate is chuck slippage and stripping of the hex shaft adapter where the drill chuck connects to on the plate.
  2. fisherman-andy

    Marcum Power!!

    This is a joke right? LOL... The excuses these Vexilar owners use when they can't catch a fish at 50ft away from a Marcum.
  3. Any reports of Wipers through the ice? Looks like there is some pretty good warm up the next week or two. Ice may be gone soon.
  4. fisherman-andy

    First hole with new Clam Drill Plate

    It was pretty evident that they failed to follow directions and not set the drill on low speed/high torque.
  5. fisherman-andy

    Drill/clam plate Auger "wobble" problem

    It's the clam extension wobble! I have the same issues. I noticed it straight out of the box with my brand new lazer 7". It does it less with the 6". If you look at the cutting hole edge walls the ice hole is not where as smooth as the one cut by my power gas auger. Plus im not getting more then 500" ice per battery.
  6. fisherman-andy

    Eskimo Shaver turned into a lazer.

    He put on the hand lazer blades not the power lazer blades. Center point not needed.
  7. fisherman-andy

    Milwaukee Fuel vs Dewalt drill for your Clam drill plate auger?

    Thanks Brad, I look forward to some of those numbers. I wasnt able to find any refurbish models for Dewalt 995m2, I may be going with Milwaukee fuel M18 hammer as the extra $100 saving could be used for an extra battery in the next week or two unless something changes my mind. Im seeing good reviews for both drills; but the Milwaukee sounds like its a little more better at taking a beating on the long run. My goal is to use 6" on it; but be able to at least use a 7" for walleyes. Ive seen a few videos of the 8" Nils, 8" Finbore and 7" Lazer. I think a 8" Nils would be much of a issue for this type of setup due to that the blades on the Nils cut almost effortlessly. If I can get at least hundred 8" holes a day on 3 high capacity batteries I will sell the Gas Auger lol. The only problem I would see is on 2-3 trips and having to recharge the batteries.
  8. Before I drop the ball on a Milwaukee M18 fuel hammer drill 2604 (refurbished) or DeWalt 20V Max XR DCD995M2 & Clam drill plate im looking for some feedback from guys who have had some time with similar or same setups on the Clam drill plate. How many holes can you drill with your Clam drill plate auger on a single charged battery? Please mention the brand of hand drill, battery size and brand/size of auger used; thank you! 6" drill bit - how many holes? 7" drill bit - how many holes? 8" drill bit - how many holes?
  9. fisherman-andy

    13 rods and others defects?

  10. fisherman-andy

    13 rods and others defects?

    This is the dumbest reply ive seen in awhile... If a company wants things done right; they will pay for quality control during production. The product is already made overseas to cut and save cost so that folks like you dont have to pay more. If the product is not up to your demands vs cost then you need to start contacting the manufacturer with your complaints. Their the ones that are profiting.
  11. fisherman-andy

    Amsoil Sabre

    The shell gas station off 494 and lower afton road in Woodbury has the Amsoil sabre pillow packs as well as non oxy gas!
  12. fisherman-andy

    Abrasive resistance mono vs flouro

    Is flouro really more abrasive then mono? Or is it just a marketing misconception? I tend to see this in lighter line setups that flouro appears stronger; but in big game lines 20lb or heavier does mono at a point become more resistant then same line weight flourocarbon when fish under heavy cover and rocks. Is it because of the diameter size? Material formulation and manufacturing? And if so why?
  13. fisherman-andy

    LX7 charger

    I've owned the vx1, lx3tc, lx5, lx6 and lx7 and have never had and issue with the Chargers except the lx5 with the bad LCD display. But as far as charging on the lx6 and 7 nada issue. Both turn green on me when fully charged.
  14. fisherman-andy


    So are you saying the outcome is a lie?
  15. As the title says; what do you guys prefer on your ice rods? And what are the advantages and cons of both guides types per your experience? Would it be worth to stick with fly guides or go the more expensive recoils? Thanks!