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  1. Endura? Run away fast. I think that a search on this site and others will provide some sorry evidence of owners' frustrations with these units. Another happy Garmin user here. I used to use a Lowrance ExpeditionC with both LakeMaster and Navionics chips before it died a similar death. Now, am blown away by the superior level of performance of my Garmin 62st with the Upper Midwest Fishing Guide chip.
  2. I run city water until it's very cold, straight into the insulated minnow bucket, changed once a day.
  3. Make the thin wire length (not too) short and wrap electric tape around it, anchoring it all the way from the lights to your splice.
  4. I have been using the well-known cheaper version since all of the hullaballoo about them here that you mention. The firebrites come with a beefier wire to connect to your power source and ready-made clip ends. Mine came with wire the diameter of a hair, so I subbed in my own wire and female spade connectors for my 12v batteries and wound up with basically the same set-up. That said, I'm sure that if they ever do fail, I'll buy the ones from here.
  5. Yup. Just leave enough slack wire to connect to your power source and keep from pinching the cord when folding-unfolding and you're good to go. And, when I zip-tied the FireBrites to my Otter Cabin's support hoop, I left the tag ends of the ties so I didn't have any sharp stubs sticking out to rip the canvas.
  6. schweady

    ice cleats

    The HT's come in really small sizes.
  7. These are the best lights imaginable, but no FaceBook account here or desire to create one. My loss, sure, but wish all these giveaway drawings weren't done this way...
  8. What an athletic team. Really fun to watch tonight. Weakest link? Walker needs to start earning his feed.
  9. Probably the battery, which is not such a big cost to fix. Two best things I've learned to assure a reliable battery: Disconnect it when not in use. Give it a full charge after each use and every other month during the year.
  10. Here, I caught all that grief for buying so many of them a few years back. Laughs on them.
  11. schweady

    ice cleats

    Best I've used were the STABILicers Lite, but at 1/4 the price, the HT Enterprises Sure Grip Safety Treads have worked out about as well for me and available in more places. Only thing is the HT's don't provide any metal under the heel, but have plenty under the ball of your foot. I like how both of these have a strip of steel rather than the individual studs that seem to work their way out right away.
  12. schweady

    GPS question

    Yeah, one of the limitations of the lake chips is the lack of WMA and walk-in access site detail (especially good boundary lines). There are, however, some web sites that are starting to offer some of those sorts of maps in .gpx or .kmz format for free. Do a search for 'gps' on the dnr site and you'll see some.
  13. Now, that's just weird. It's like saying, "I was thinking about putting a rhinoceros sticker on the new one because it doesn't have just that one horn."
  14. schweady

    GPS question

    And the UMFG chip shows 1 ft increments on Mille Lacs. Makes a great Christmas gift. Just sayin'.
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