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  1. CNY-Kyle

    Marcum LX-7

    You know yours is gonna go down now that your talking like that!
  2. CNY-Kyle

    New York Ice fishing Reports

    Found ice! If you know my # call and i will tell ya! Its in NY btw...
  3. CNY-Kyle

    New York Ice fishing Reports

    Called up that way, and there is no ice...may look south to PA, but talked with PA chris today and he hasent herd of anything yet either! If anyone hears of anythign let me know!
  4. CNY-Kyle

    Fall Hunting 2011

    Well here are my bucks from this year: Top pic is an 8 from Sauquiot NY, opening day rifle. bottom is: last night of the hunt Ohio first shot gun season Dec 1, 2011 got 3 other does to round out a good season. Kyle
  5. CNY-Kyle

    New York Ice fishing Reports

    Whats up guys! my buddy said his father in law was on 4" near canada this past sunday...may be taking a road trip this weekend!
  6. CNY-Kyle

    Marcum LX-7

    Got my 7 off the porch Monday! Cant wait to get er wet! Just have to figure out how to use it now...
  7. CNY-Kyle

    NEIT 2010 Tour Champions

    Thanks Tim. The support has been overwhelming! Scott posted a great pic of the winning bag of fish: Kyle
  8. CNY-Kyle


    Hey whats up guys! yeah i tend to disappear after ice season for awhile, timmy had to point me to the site, said people are looking for me... Had a great spring so far, got a bird opening day, nothing huge like last year but decent 9" 3/4" spurs, on the smaller side about 18lbs...its been a tought season all the birds have disapeared everywhere i have been so far..there way ahead of schedule and just about done with all their activity, all but a few anyways i did have a chance at a bomber this weekend but there was a house just behind him about 70 yard where he popped out! Was striper fishing all weekend too...had a few hits but i didnt land any, i was on the hundson between the two bridges in Troy...had a blast got rained no poured on Sat but still had fun... Lee gear is packed dude when we goin out i have a tag left and can get the bow out too!
  9. Hilarious...See you guys up there.
  10. Wow thats awesome, congrats Kevin, cant wait to get home and actually see the pic!
  11. CNY-Kyle

    Happy B-Day Tank!

    Happy Birthday Tank!
  12. Sounds good Nathan i sent you a email i will talk to you tonight about meeting up Sat. Ill be up there Friday morning as well, most likely off cotton point. Kyle
  13. CNY-Kyle

    Oneida Lake Fishing Reports

    Lol common rusty, you gonna fish Bomoseen or not!
  14. Nathan, I alrady was planning on being on George this sat, i havent decided where i was heading yet either Harris or Basin bay but havent been up there yet so idk where the hot spot is. Gonna get the reports from my buddy i know he had somewhere in mind...where are you goin to be? We could meet you wherever if my buddy dosent mind trying your spot...i think were leavin by noon, have to go get my taxes done. let me know. Kyle
  15. CNY-Kyle

    Oneida Lake Fishing Reports

    I'll be there Friday morning. Ill have to look for the ridge and see if i can get through it. Might be a good day for the power augers madin voage out. Hope that bite is still hot by then...
  16. CNY-Kyle

    Oneida Lake Fishing Reports

    The beach bite tourneyment is still rolling with tim and Fishking in 22' feet off the beach and now moving out a bit deeper to stay with them...its now king 11 to Tim's 3. Think Timmy needs to enter a tourneyment again and get the rust off! Bomoseen is around the corner....?
  17. CNY-Kyle

    Oneida Lake Fishing Reports

    So Currently Tim and Fishking are into them off the beach i believe. The current tally is Fishking 6 and Timmy trailing with 3 perch...man i wish i didnt have to work...ever.
  18. Yeah the tourney was a good time as they usually are. I wanted to let you guys who have fished the NAIFC events that the IFPA picked up where they left off. IFPA put on a great event with actually some things that were a bit more smooth compared to the NAIFC. oh yeah and next year its looking like we will have IFPA comming to Oneida lake for this tournement, still in planning but its looking promising. This will give all of you guys that may have always wanted to try you hand in a tourney to do it on home terf and not have to pay out an arm and a leg for traveling!
  19. CNY-Kyle

    Chef is back!!!

    Congrats Dougie! Cant wait to try it out...
  20. Hey Kevin, thats some more incentive for sure, plus the walking only may sway me to go...do you have to preregister somewhere or at the meeting on friday night? Kyle
  21. CNY-Kyle

    More Streamline Please

    Bad word!?!? thats a decriptionary term used for Jimmi. its in the dictionary, prolly meaning glee ful and frolickin.
  22. CNY-Kyle

    More Streamline Please

    i will rent you my spare auger for $20 a day...if not you can drill your holes with your ice scoop!
  23. CNY-Kyle

    More Streamline Please

    oh here we go again, dude you do know that you have to fish to be part of a fishing HSOforum not just think about it and break everyones [email protected]
  24. CNY-Kyle

    More Streamline Please

    I love how you (slap on the wrist) are expanding out the new "More streamed line thread" you guys are doin good... No bad words guys.... dc