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Lets put er this way. If you wanna snowmobile you gotta go up north. I have no clue where Mr.up north is in this world. MAbye at a bar! The solution to the mr.pike is if you want snow your gunna have to go to the mountains or go up north.

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I think the overall lack of precip and the unusually warm weather the last few years is because of the shifted jet stream. It is usually pulling cold, moist air out of Canada and pushing it through Minnesota and most of the plains states. But, in recent years the flow has been coming from the much warmer dry air in the west coast.

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Leech 21 has as good an explanation as any I guess? Maybe something changed in our global weather patterns, we are seeing big changes not only here, but across the United States and around the world.

Maybe it has something to do with global warming, maybe not?

Maybe an earth cycle, maybe not? No one knows for sure, it could be all kinds of things combined?

The northern part of the state seems to be pretty much on target as far as winter is concerned...at least from the posts they seem to be?

I have been in the snow removal business since the mid eighties....I done a quick check of records for the last 12 years and the number and depth of snow falls, seems to have taken a dip since the 98 to 99 season, most noteably since 2001.

About the time one thinks it will stay like that, we will get back into the deep freze that alot of us Minnesotans remember and have snow up to our eyeballs!

Minnesota weather can throw you all kinds of curves and they come when you least expect them, about the time you become comfortable with the status quo! Don't sell the plow, or the snomo yet, there is always next winter!

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