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  1. Is a 19 year old able to get his or her concealed carry permit or must you be 21 in order to take the class and receive the permit??
  2. Did anyone buy one of these yet and test it out? What do you think? is this going to be the next 870. They look like a great gun but I think I will give them a year or two to figure things out and see if they need to change anything on it. Also I seen it comes in black and the marsh camo. Does anyone think that they will put the duck blind camo on it in a year or two. I wouldn't see why not cuz they have it on the 870.
  3. How about the elctronic calls what does anyone think of them. I seen one the other day for sale for 80 bucks i forget what brand it was though.
  4. What is the best coyote call for this time of the year when hunting in a open field. Just wondering what has worked for some of you people out there. Also what brand of call?? Thanks
  5. just bought a new marlin 17 varmint series what is the best scope that anyone would recommend in and what price range is it in. I will use the gun mainly for prairie dogs but also sometimes for coyotes.
  6. 215-ML-211218-ML-
  7. I have a Ruger 10/22 and have been trying to sight it in I have it sighted in pretty good at 50 yards but the problem is when I am any closer I shoot over the top and when I am any farther away I shoot too low so I was thinking about getting a new scope what is a good cheap scope for this gun also how far should I be able to shoot accurately with a gun like this.
  8. 215-ML-208122-ML-
  9. So if a guy were to buy his 20 year old kid a hand gun for hunting would he able to have it in truck and target shoot outside of season with it??
  10. So do you get what I get out of this, that is that a person 18 and older is able to to be in possission and transport a hand gun????
  11. I know that a person must be 21 to buy a hand gun but how old do you have to be to be in possession of one. Is it one of those things like before a person is 18 he or she can not buy ammo but can be in possession of it?
  12. I will be going into Canada the second weekend of January 09 and will be driving there to go on a fishing trip do I need a passport and if not what do i need to get through the boarder and to get a fishing license? Thanks
  13. Guy I know has a mini truck, Rode in it this weekend and love it for hunting. Anyone else have on Few questions for you. What is a good brand to buy? Do they brake down a lot? What is a reasonable price to spend on a used one 4 wheel drive? Any other info would be great I am seriously considering buying one.O and one last thing what do they get for gas milage?
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