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  1. Boar did you stock it with the new Clam terlet paper ?? It's said to be the fastest ya know.
  2. Gordie you got a PM. I may want to nab this thing from you.
  3. Channel cats go spaztic and fight like hooknig up a running and jumping deer, Sturgeonfish like hooking up a small steamroller methodic pull pull pull. Each have their qualities. Not sure about the fight of the overgrown Bullhead Mudcat type you fish down there. I did catch some way back in the 80's when I was in the army and stationed on Ft. Bragg in NC. Plenty of jobs up here, Plenty of jobs but not enough housing.. Not sure what you do for a living but iffin you did move up here I'd love to get you in my little boat sometime. Or maybe get you in a big boat and take you downrigger fishing for the hard fighting Walleye ! Ahh I see, Manufacturing engineering Tech. Polaris in Roseau always looking for folks like that. Pay probably less than Metro job but cost of living cheaper maybe. There you have it 50 minutes to the lower Rainy and about 80 minutes to the Red!!!
  4. LOL I'd have never guessed you of all people did'nt own a boat. Float tube Sturgeon fishing on the St Croix river during the fall season must get pretty chilly sometimes eh. I guess there is a bit of a challenge to find the bigger eyes maybe consistent anyways, I toss those back and eat the 15's and them Perches I gotta weed thru eh. Maybe I'm spoiled but them Sturgeonfish up here are rather boring in my book, may be different down your way... Up here they're so easy to find and catch and have a somewhat lack-luster fight I'd say when compared to other fish of similar size. Remember way back when I mentioned if a guy could hook a 25# Red r. Channel cat tail to tail with a 25# Sturgeon? That Catfish would pull that Sturgeonfish round and round all day. 40# Sturgeon vs. 40# Albacore.. Ah Marine fishes are in a class of their own. I miss the ocean! Lot's of ways to enjoy the past time of fishing and it is'nt always about the catching as you well know. Enjoy our Minnesota fall season Darren. Whats left of it. 18 degrees in Roseau this AM it was. Brrrr! Regards... Norm
  5. Your lucky.. I've been married 24 years come December and I don't even get a cake !
  6. Some of the best fishing in the metro can be found in Dtro's boat.
  7. Thats what. Boar.. Slave Raider was an mid 80's hair/glam rock band out of the Twin cities. I reckon you musta been cranking the Prince, Michael Jackson, and Madonna cassettes on your boom box back then eh.. LOL
  8. There is a guide up here on the LOTW by the name of Steve Sweet of Sweetsfishing. He's been in the guide biz for like 30 years and that guy can put on an absolute show some days with a Jiggin Rap. I like 'em when they're snappin good. When it's tough I'll use a Cicada, seems to tick them off enough to bite most times.
  9. Within an hour or so to your E you also have Maple, Union, and Sara. These are smaller lakes with Panfish and Crappies and perhaps some Bass, Pike, and Wally's as well depending on which lake. Not sure just how good they are as I have'nt icefished them in over 20+ years but you could ask in the NW Mn forum and somebody would probably give you some hints/advice maybe. I lived in GFKS for a short time back in the 80's and there were a few impoundments pretty close by we'd fish in ND.. Homme Dam, Fordville res., a coupla others I don't recall all their names though.. Been awhile!!
  10. I spooled up some fresh 8lb xl a couple weeks back, fished it a half dozen days with no prob. Roller bearing or guides as mentioned above may be the issue. Possible you lucked into a couple of bad batches maybe.
  11. Yepper even way up here in NW Mn on the Canada border we're still doing the openwater thing though fall season is a winding down for sure. I had some excellent fishing on the big pond thru October thats for sure and it sounds like things are maybe starting to get rolling on the river. Ice season can wait till December, hopefully late December as it gets cold long enough way up here and after last winter I'd like to see an unseasonably warm and short winter for a change. We always get 3 foot of ice anyhows.
  12. Oh no Clam toilet paper say it is'nt so. We already have auger wars, flasher wars, whats next TP wars. Clam vs. Scott vs. Charmin. Imagine the side by side comparisons and possible U tube videos... Some overbearing promotional staffer weighing the pros and cons will be telling us just how fast it is, or that you only need one handful and and it'll still leave a cleaner hole. Surely someone will say it's a must have for the hole hopper! Jiffy should jump on this maybe, a slogan like 'Jiffy for the Biffy', or 'Jiffy STX Stealth toilet paper it disappears on ice'. I guess I am too easily amused. All in fun as it could be the greatest thing since sliced bread! fiskyknut
  13. Thanks Xplorer.. Whats your impression iffin you've seen one? Been awhile we'll have to hook up and get some fishing done some time maybe eh. If/when you're heading this way give a shout. Eyes been going nutzoid over on the westside of the pond for me. Sounds like the river bite is maybe taking off now finally as well. Sounds like Dr B gonna be around these parts soon for waterfowl hunt.. Wonder of he'd maybe wanna sneak onto the lake or river for some jiggin ?
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