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  1. I have the mount on top camera flash, all I need to know is how to rig it up so I can use it.
  2. I have one and someone in the past posted about its ability to charge a glow in the dark jig quite nicely. Now could they tell me how to rig one up? it would be much appreaciated.
  3. msm1018


    Duluth is 12.99 all said and done.
  4. Just an update of the rope lights I talked about being overpriced. I found "First Ice" brand rope lights with the 12v bat connectors already installed with 6' of rope light for 7.99, now thats managable.
  5. msm1018

    Sun Glass's

    I have a pair of Polareyes, (play on words) they are great and I think I spent 55 on them. had them for over 2 years an still good to go although I scratched one lens and want to get new lenses but I can't find a retailer. (bought the glasses in Florida)
  6. msm1018

    Bobber Talk

    Ice buster bobbers all the way, I use em ice fishing and regular fishing, as you can see the Ice buster Bobber in the net. this was up in Canada
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    I thought it would be mnice for those of us who are shopping for a new auger to come to this thread and look at pros and cons of each auger a person has. so it works like this. "Auger name and model" one sentence of a pro one sentence of a con this is what it should look like. Jiffy (older model that is borrowed from a friend) the auger starts well for being as old as it is.(over 15 years old) The auger is heavy and a bit out-dated. please share your thoughts on the auger that you own.
  8. I use white hockey tape, stays on well, I use electrical tape all day at work and I knwo it doesn't stay on well after a while, but it works in a pinch.
  9. I just recently was borrowed a vexilar for the winter and I plan on fishing with my buddy alot this winter, he has a vexilar too. I was wondering if it would be too much of an interference issue to have 2 in one close quaters spot? any info would be much appreciated. ( if all it comes down to is the IR button than one reply is all I need)
  10. Quote: I bought some of those light s at Menards and when I got home found that they were 110 not 12v.Went back and at the store I went to they did not sell 12v.-just 110. The only difference I see between them is the fact that the ones from menards has a male plug in. What I saw on the clam light system was that same rope light but just had the plug in cut off and some wire exposed.
  11. I thought I would come in here and talk about those rope lights that soe company putsa out that rus off a 12v battery, well at Marine General last night I saw it retaild for 29.99 and it looked like the same stuff you can get at Menards for $2.99 per 6' rope of lights. For about $1.50 more you can get the mounting hardware too. I'm just letting you guys know that you can save a large sum of money by going to menards and getting a rope light that cost 3 bucks.
  12. No M.L. MAnufacturers and powder man, advise that you take the charges out at the end of each day, otherwise they soak in water and will cause missfires.
  13. Quote: A big deer from the Duluth Hunt taken by a friend of mine, 254 lbs, Rough scored at 180 Hey Fishermn would you be able to email me that picture? My email address is my nickname "msm1018" at yahoo (you know the rest) thanks.
  14. I saw one on opener being pushed out by my father, I shot a doe that night, not 200 yards from where it had traveled. wolves are efficient preds no doubt but any healthy deer will be able to get away from them. most wolf deer kills are younger or old deer.
  15. I guess I'm not a MP freak kind of like a H.P. freak to a car guy is. so 6.1/8mp doesn't realy matter. I went to my local camera dealer and I ask a few questions, I also compared the "feel" of both the canon and Nikon. Nos sorry to all the Canon guys, the Nikon felt better, but that is not the selling point for me. the features were a little more to my liking, and the options were better. Price really isn't an obsticle for me since I have no car payments or house payments. I'm talking spring semester off to gather my money and plan, so I'll have a good chunk from working full time. My main plan to use this camera for is outdoor photography, I deer hunt (many of you know the time spent on stand) plus I go out west to pheasant hunt for a week, I have plenty of opportunities to take pictures. I want a DSLR for no photo developing and something I can fiddle with instead of concrete point and shoot digitals. Honestly I have no SLR experience except a few shots with my grandmothers older canon. I plan on saving enough for Nikkor lenses, I won't be buying every model lense because I really don't need that much for dabbling, (as of right now) I appreciate all of the comments, thanks.
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