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  1. Muskie "catching" seems to have slowed on Tonka over the past couple of years. dsludge
  2. MuskyBrian, does "about 150-170 during that time frame" refer to hours/year fishing or total muskies boated? Wow - 170 fish in 6 years time would be 28 plus fish on average each year! If the latter is the case, congratulations and I envy the waters upon which you fish. I am very interested in knowing the lakes where you are fishing. Oh yeah, congratulations on busting the 50-inch mark!! How many muskie fishermen have caught 28 muskies in one year? My best year out of the last seven was 15 muskies boated and I do hope to reach that mark again. Congrats to Propster and his son - "...we haven't caught a lot of fish. Last year was our best - between the two of us we boated 13 or 14 is all. But we have 4 over 50 between us. I have 2 - 51's and a 50 and he has a 49 and a 50 (just 2 weeks ago for his 50)." Some never reach that mark in decades of hunting muskies! RK, thank you for your input and the confidence booster - "I'm sort of a throwback on big fish benchmarks. As I said in another thread, I consider a four footer or above a 'big one.' 50's cool, but I still think anything over 48's getting into that big fish range for sure." I will consider myself very lucky to CPR a fifty-inch muskie during my lifetime. Let,s go!! dsludge
  3. My limited experience is that the "lethargy" of a muskie might be less dependent upon water temperature than the quantity and proximity of available easy meals.
  4. Thanks for all the input. Makes me feel a little prouder of my 49-incher. By the way, two Muskies Inc guys took pictures for me and helped measure the beast. Maybe I'll hit 50 today! Good luck all. Quack, quack. dsludge
  5. My question is: How many muskie fishermen have caught a four foot, two-inch muskie? Moderators, I wonder what is the percentage of muskie fishing registered FMer's who have reached that elusive mark? I have fished muskies for about six or seven years. Last year I boated zero muskies, another year 15, and in 2002 a 49-incher - still one inch away from the 50-inch mark. How rare or common is it to CPR a big 50"+ muskie? dsludge
  6. Is 55 the new 50? It may be for those who have already caught a 50-incher. In 2002 I caught a 49" muskie and I consider myself very lucky. I wonder what percentage of muskie fishermen have caught a 50 - 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%? dsludge
  7. Have you tried rigging your favorite Muskie surface/shallow bait to sink? I've tried rigged Carolina style using big egg weights or a couple of old rusty plow nuts covered in packing tape with single hooks, spinners, or even topwaters. Remove the treble hooks and install two...you know...change it up. I've had some muskie success with big bass-style Carolina rigs in the milfoil. Minnetonka is full of big Muskies; don't you love it?!! dsludge
  8. Last year was slow for me - zero muskies boated, two hooked and lost. I got my first of this year on popular Ferguson's Point, 39 incher hooked on a "one-hitter" big bass lure. It was in 6 feet of water next to the boat and the fish hit on the fourth figure eight, very exiting to watch! It seems to me that there may be less muskie pressure on Tonka this year than in past years? dsludge
  9. I have at least a dozen fishing component containers - tackle boxes, buckets, tupperware, the boat, etc. I have never counted how many lures (artificial baits) are in those containers. My muskie lure container has 40 vertical compartments - maybe 60 baits.
  10. My best CPR fish of 2005 was this tonka walleye, 29.5 inches. It was snowing. Caught a decent muskie a half-hour later. dsludge
  11. Thanks for the info marine_man. One inch to go to my first 50-inch musky. The 49" muskie was caught and released on 9-7-02, Lake Minnetonka. Thanks also to the friendly musky fishermen who took the photo. dsludge
  12. [image]http://ifishskies.photosite.com/Album1/2002_49_5_inch_muskie.html[/image] I hope this works. 2002 was a good year.
  13. Parking on the spot for a sure thing. Throw all day until she's hungry. Sharpen those hooks!!
  14. I do not believe that more regulations will improve the quality of Muskie fisheries. However, the mere mention of changing the status quo will incite a healthy debate on most any subject - especially when it comes to religion (fishing) and politics (laws/regulations). It is inevitable that increased interest in the great sport of Muskie fishing will pressure the resource. I have never kept a muskie. I have been lucky enough to release many big fish of several species. I tell anyone who expresses an interest and share with them my "fishing values". Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn't. Is it June yet? dsludge
  15. HT is a brand of gear. If it's okay to post the name, I think it's Hi Tec? I have a couple of pairs of HT ice cleats. dsludge
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