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  1. I have had the same rude service twice that acemac notes above. I now get all bait/gear elsewhere.
  2. What did y'all use to cut the bucket and plastic bin? Thanks, I need to make one as ice is getting all over the floors!
  3. What about an aluminum wheel house like a 6 x 12v? I would think that would be nice and easy to move around?
  4. Both 4x4. Losing 1.7" of clearance & 1600 more lbs. Maybe it won't be so bad but yes I do usually try to drive where I shouldn't. After the ordeal getting the Perm off last year I may have learned a bit but I doubt it. Maybe I'll just need some chains and a friend with an off roader :-)
  5. Time to replace the 2002 Tundra (4200 lbs with good off-road tires). Looking at the few years old Expedition EL & Suburbans and each of them are about 1600 lbs more. If I had good snow tires would an Expedition EL with the extra weight and probably lower clearance be that much worse than the Tundra? Thanks guys
  6. Bring a friend with some kids :-) I loved fishing Big Stone this spring. At certain times it is just nice to have 2 lines out per person. Bobbers, planer boards or just plain Trollin' Our Reps and Senators would rather spend time talking about renaming Asian Carp than doing anything worth something.
  7. This is going to be an interesting weekend on the bay I am on. Still 6 houses out and I guess we will help each other to remove.
  8. No backing needed, just fill spool with tip-up line.
  9. If I see the guy that posted this video I am going to give him some bobbers and maybe a new ice fishing rod. I do not fish it but I really hope they do not draw down Pelican.
  10. Get a couple cases of beer, some tipups, chisels and invite some buddies out. Have some fun and chip it out at the same time. Guns and salt do not seem responsible.
  11. Glad to hear you are ok. Thanks for posting. I haven't had this issue but it's a good reminder to be careful with any of these heaters. I still think the buddy or any heater with an oxygen depletion sensor is still safer than the sunflower. I used to get headaches with them and hate to see people with kids run the sunflowers all the time.
  12. Old post but I am about to take down the rest of my Buckthorn i couldn't pull the last 2 years with my new Chainsaw. Should I cut the stumps as low as possible, drill holes then hit with my new concentrate Roundup? Or maybe leave them around 6" high so I can pull them out with chain and atv after it's dead? Thanks, man I hate this stuff.
  13. Yeah, I used mine often in my old boat with the LX3. This reminds me I need to post the high speed ducer for sale.
  14. NEangler is right on. I had Carp in the Czech Republic & Hungary & it was great. See pictures for a nice fish platter we got. It had Carp, Catfish, Pike-Perch(Zander - Euro Walleye cousin) & a whole fish without much meat. http://imgur.com/a/FlkZc I was very impressed with how they prepare the fish soups & dishes while on this trip. I am going to cook up some of my own this year.
  15. I moved from an older Fish Trap 1 man without a door to the new Eskimo Wide 1 and I love it so far. Seems to be designed and built very well. Since its wider in front I can have heater/marcum and fish 2 holes while still able to walk out of the ice house. Let me know if you have any questions about it.
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