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I just found the "Who's Online" page and I could not believe how many people were on that were anonymous! 496 to be precise at that moment, to 298 registered users. Why on earth would you want to be anonymous?

Fishing Minnesota is FUN! I can't count the number of times I have met fellow FM'ers on the water and knew them because of there screen name!

Come on guys! Register! Membership has its privlidges!!!!

Has anyone else ran into fellow FM'ers out there?

Cory Frantzick

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Well some may say that its an addiction,but its not like you have to use your full name. wink.gif

Hi, my name is Dennis and I spend way too much time surfing at FM.

Sign up,say hi and meet some new friends.

I used to go fishing with an old high school buddy.Now I have a lot of friends right here on FM that I tlak with everyday.

Even Cory! grin.gif

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I just happen to ask a guy at work who loves to hunt and fish if he ever looks at fishing forums on internet. "Ya" he said "fishing minnesota". We got to talking and now he always calls me by my nickname which he didn't know b4 GRIZ. Other than that not in person that I know of. Got to know and talkto make some fishin plans for winter but havn't actually met.

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Evidentally some people are concerned about someone stealing thier money. I don't blame them. I am related to the pres of my bank and have my acounts set so that if any money is transfered out of my accounts I will recieve a call on my cell before transfer is issued. If they can't get through to my cell transfer is not issued.

real simple.

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