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  1. mike im a south dakota transplant to im in mankato. if you need a fishing partner up here drop me a line .im orginally from watertown
  2. i think ziggy will give tice one more chance.ROTFLMAO. they do need to clean out the coaching staff though i hope they get a good coach they have the good players then need the guiadiance now
  3. an empty spot waiting for a 6 + largemouth
  4. i wasent fishing docks but this year at a ferm pond in SD i caught 21bass an 1 pearch standing in the same spot asting from shore
  5. i hear he is gonna have a state record large mouth bass hanging on his wall! nuff said its over drop it
  6. i heard the vikings were thinking of sponsoring jr next year. LOL
  7. i heard the reason tice is so mad about the boat deal is because they dint give any tickets to sclap
  8. yep it getts better now
  9. theres a copule of guys on here that carve duck lures.i ve carved some. i got the idea from Just4fun he posts here once in a while. there were some pic of them on here a while back ive caught some bass on mine really havent had a chance to try them on muskies yet
  10. kato811

    Missing Moss

    james i dont think mos will win a super bowl hes one of the best there is but he has problems that keep him an his team mates down . he had to go here his special traatment an attutude was wrecking the team
  11. kato811


    i agree i think they have the players to win they need the discpline an i dont feel tice can give them that hes to much of a nice guy they need a strict coach who will instill some drive in them an i think next year they will have a quality coach i think wilf wants to win an will do what ever he has too . as far as this year goes any tempoary fix would be worse than what they got no so lets see if they can right the ship. hopefully before the green bay game
  12. kato811

    Missing Moss

    i think there missing matt birk more than there missing moss . birk plays hard every play all game long . as far as moss goes he hasent changed any he still takes plays off
  13. jim my son played for nicollet his senior year they were pertty good that year . but theere short on talent this year i see. looks like payback time
  14. whats everyones predictions on the vikes pack game?
  15. if DEI is cheating this year then mike tice must be calling the shots there to. LOL
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