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  1. People who bring their dogs on the lake and let them run.
  2. I would say the Vikes probably have to do a little more than win a couple of games to get any respect from the football fans in America, not just Mr. Buck. Even winning every game might not bring that back real soon.
  3. With Culpepper healthy this would have never happened. You can not count on anybody anymore.
  4. The best part of Sundays game was watching Culpepper grow up and act like a real football player. No cheerleader arm rolling for the camera's, just good kicka-- football. I hope he keeps it up.
  5. I take that back about Tice being smarter than Burns after I heard what Tice said about the only good thing about this week is we get to play the Packers next week. Talk about getting your opponent fired up for the game.
  6. How long ago did this McComb's take over? Was he the guy that hired Jerry Burns. If he wasn't, it goes at least that far back. That was when I gave up on the Vike's and their worthless coaches. Jerry Burns was even worse than Tice I think.
  7. Hey buzzsaw, it really isn't so hard rooten for da Packers. It took me about three years after moving to WI from MN to actually start liking the Pack but Brett Favre finally got me when I saw the way he could take a beating, crawl to his feet, and then throw a touchdown the next play. Besides, it is a pretty class act organization. I remember saying finally, that's it, I'm rooten for the Packers.
  8. Last night we saw one of the greatest Quarterbacks that has ever played the game playing at the top of his game. The passes that were not completed were ones that went right through both hands of the reciever. You will never see a quarterback play better than "The Man" did last night. He is a man that can carry a team. To compare Culfumbler (somebody finally come with a name to fit) to Brett Favre is ridiculous.
  9. You know that avatar is more than likely what Favre does look like if he was watching the Vikes today.
  10. Mason has done a great job with the Gophers. The only thing he does wrong in my estimation, is try to out coach the other coach in the last few minutes to preserve his lead. If he would just let the players play the same game they have played all game long they would go places. That prevent defense is real good at preventing a win for the Gophers. I would like think that he has come up with that conclusion also but I doubt it.
  11. It was reported that The Minnesota Vikings football coach's house was egged after the humilating second loss. Officials were baffled because the Tice house was hit by an egg. The neighbors house on the the left and the house on the right side were each hit by two eggs and the house in the rear was hit by an egg. After an investigation it was determined that it pretty much had to be Culpepper.
  12. I guess that proves stat's do not win championships.
  13. I just do not think he is all that good of a QB.
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