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  1. Give the guys at Midwest Rod and Reel a call. They have classes going on throughout the winter in the south metro cities. ( Note from admin.,please read forum policy before posting again,Thank-you.)
  2. Zoku, We really hope she liked the last one you picked up.
  3. Derrick, I also am a firm believer in the power pro line. Used it from fishing walleye to cats, always with a palomar knot. Never had a problem with it breaking at the knot. Remember the breaking point of the line is only one component of the equation. (sp) You definitely want your drag set properly which will also act as your shock absorber. Outside of cats, you cinch that drag down to tight with the superbraids, you stand a very good chance of ripping a hole in the fish. Let the backbone of your rod and the drag of the reel work for you, not against you.
  4. Derrick, welcome aboard. My first question would be, what type of fishing are you doing and what type of reels will you be using.
  5. Crashed into it, then got pulled under it by the current
  6. Wayne, You said the magic word: SMALLIES!! I'll be there. If Dietz can't make it, I'll fish for the both of us. Gee, isn't it just a shame that he has to work at least 9 months out of the year. I wish I had a job like that. NOT!!
  7. Wayne, Nice talking to you again after all these years. I'll have to give you a shout if I get to your neck of the woods this year. Had the opportunity to spend some time talking to your son. You should be proud!! A real fine young gentleman. Remember, don't spend all that PERA money in one place
  8. Dietz, I would just like to Thank you for keeping me awake during the slow times with your great humor. It was an absolute blast working across the aisle from you. I'm starting to read my basic fishing 101 book so I am ready for that trip to the lake so you don't outfish me.
  9. Hoffer, As the guys have said, a 7 ft in either medium/heavy or heavy will work. My tournament partner has always used spinning reels for any application. He uses the size 30 reels and loads them powerpro for slop fishing and has never had a problem horsing the fishing out of the slop. We swear by the powerpro.
  10. Pikemaster, If it is the one north of Outing off Hwy 6, I've been there done that. Great little crappie and northern hole, but it is also a great sleeper walleye lake.
  11. LT01

    St, Paul Sportshow

    Hey Rangr, Went by your favorite honey hole Waubay today. What did you do, fish it out? there was no one out there.
  12. LT01

    St, Paul Sportshow

    Jason, Looking forward to "officially" meeting you. I have spent a lot of time in your store while vacationing in your area. Looking forward to putting a face with the name. Al
  13. Guys, Wow!! Your kind words are very much appreciated from both Bill and myself. It was the main goal when we started our company that customer service would be the first and most important item we could offer. It is always nice to hear when you have satisfied customers who we know will take as much pride in using the rods as we did building them. Thanks again for the great feedback!
  14. LT01

    Unattended Tipup?

    Guido, Don't believe so. I think you have to be wihin 50 or 80ft. Not positive on the distance
  15. LT01

    Any Volunteers

    Gunflint, Neat post. Retired Volunteer Firefighter (30 years) Past AAU coach for boys baseball and girls softball Past 1st Aid Instructor
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