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  1. Hey Bgreen! That can be a darn good spot there! Try along the bridge abutments, on the MN side of the St Croix, there is an underwater point that can hold fish. Also along the confluence you will see a mudline, that can also be a good spot. Good Luck! Cory Frantzick
  2. This is an AWESOME tournament! VERY well run, and a HECK of alot of fun! I encourage everybody to check it out!! Cory Frantzick
  3. HEY! Where did you hear THAT one????????? Wasn't true, whoever said that is lying! Cory
  4. Pull a bone head move? Me? NEVER!!! And evertime I am out I catch AT LEAST 10-20 muskies all over 40"!!! All Kidding aside, I have been told I should write a book on my bone head moves!!! Cory Frantzick
  5. On a lake like Diamond, with very little structure, I would drop a Shad Rap, set it back 75' and paddle paddle paddle! With a lake like that with very little structure the fish tend to just roam the basin. A way to up your odds and have more fun is to bring your canoe to a river. Drop in at Monticello, and arrange to have someone pick you up a couple miles down stream. Rivers are much easier to fish than a windswept lake, and once you learn to read a river, you can greatly increase your odds! Good luck to you!! Cory Frantzick
  6. Another instance where dead calm can be better is the famous Mille Lacs Lake Mud, some of my best catches out there have been when the lake is dead calm. This weekend on a East Cenetral Minnesota lake, I did much better on points and fingers that were not in the wind, this was a shallow weed line pattern as well. I tried unsuccesfully some wind driven spots that normally produce under those conditions. I think that as with anything in fishing, the wind driven structure is a GREAT place to start, but, like life there are no guarantees! Cory Frantzick
  7. "SOLD!" Team PROgressive sells another one of their listings! In the past few years the real estate market has been incredibly HOT! The current market has turned into a more stable market, which means it is imperative to have your home priced where it should be, and in the best possible showing condition. Equally important is to work with an experienced agent that knows the market, and how to effectively market your home in this ever changing economy. The market is good! Cory Frantzick Team PROgressive! RE/MAX Associates Plus (612)801-0809 www.AlmostNorth.com
  8. Contrary to the numerous rumors, this property is NOT sold! Unbelievable opportunity! The development potential is HUGE! Cory Frantzick
  9. For anyone looking for the VERY best! This home is a MUST see! There is a defenite "WOW" factor here! Cory Frantzick
  10. Welcome to 772 Elms Lake Road! This gorgeous custom brand new Two Story built by "Gray's Custom Homes" features over 2400 finished square feet with a gorgeous master suite with whirlpool tub, gourmet kitchen with wood floors, three car garage, and 4 bedrooms on the upper level! This home is AWESOME! $349,900 View more info on this home at 772 Elms Lake Road Search for your dream home at "Home Search" Team PROgressive! "We are NEVER too busy for ANY of your referrals!" Cory & Tracy Frantzick Mike & Tammi Van Grinsven RE/MAX Associates Plus (612)801-0809 or (320)980-2123 www.AlmostNorth.com
  11. SOLD! If you want your home SOLD give us a call! Team PROgressive! Cory & Tracy Frantzick Mike & Tammi VanGrinsven RE/MAX Associates Plus (612)801-0809 or (320)980-2123 www.AlmostNorth.com
  12. SWEET!!!!!! I got my first bird ever on Saturday, Nothing like that one though! Congrats!!! See any deer this morning?
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