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  1. Dennis Steele

    Assumption Creek?

    I live right by the creek and have walked it, but never wetted a line. It does have running water, but not much. It is very small,most places you don't even need to jump to get across it. I never have seen a trout, or heard anyone catching one either.
  2. Sometimes, you don't even need a reel. Just sit down against a tree along the bank, pull your straw hat down over your eyes, tie your line to your toe and take a knap. Its just catfishing after all.
  3. If your thinking about getting a 7000c take a look at Newel Reels. They are comparable in quality and price and made right here in America. Penn is also an American company. The International models are also still made in America.
  4. For about 60 bucks you can get a Penn 9m or 209. Theyre basic and a little slow on retrieve but have dependable drags and built to take a lot of abuse. For a few bucks more you can get a Penn 310gt or 320gt. Very good reels and tough as nails. I use a 310 on my "stiffy" for winching cats out of snags and rock piles.
  5. Grampa loved carp! He was one who wrecked it for the wealthy!
  6. A new one to add to my volume of useless trivia!
  7. Ya just one of those laws that might not make sense. Carp are an exotic species brought here as a food fish by the Europeans. Seems that the native buffalo and suckers weren't good enough. I would think with the current bait laws that you can collect and use bait from the waters you are fishing it would be OK. Guess not....
  8. Many may already know this but one of the reasons WD-40 worked as a fish attractant is that it used to be made from fish oils. Its no longer made with fish oils but is more petroleum based. Probably not good for the environment. Next time try anise oil or licorice extract. I've found it works as an attractant on all kinds of water for all kinds of species.
  9. I agree with others that species native to the river your fishing will work best as cut bait. I also believe that the oilier those native fish are the better. That said, I have tried some other unusual baits and caught fish. Two year old (frozen)salmon chunks from lake Michigan. I wasn't going to eat it after two years in the freezer but the cats didn't mind. Mackeral from the fish market. Very oily half rotten venison scraps. Russty Miller uses steak soaked in various concoctions and does well with that.
  10. Thanks for the well wishes guys! I went to Crosby ND (10hrs) to hang sheetrock for my birthday. Drove over a lot of rivers I'd like to try for cats!
  11. I like the No Rolls becuase for me they don't roll around like bank sinkers. I also find they don't twist up and tangle on my line as bad as bank sinkers or any sinker that 'hangs" on the line. Pyramids and disc sinkers don't roll either but I find that the pyramids snag up easier and like I said earlier the disc sinkers tend to tangle my line. One more advantage is that when your reeling in with a no roll you can get some "lift" out of them to clear snags that might be down there.
  12. I'd try using baits that are slim and cut the current. Another trick might be to drill two holes. One upstream for your bait and one sownstream for your sonar. With a little experimentation you will be able to see your bait on the sonar. I have used this technique for greenbacks near Lockport and on the 'Shoe
  13. Sure wish I could stick a sunnie on a hook! I'd rig it with a hook in the lower part of the back (end of the dorsal)on a 12-18" leader and anchor it with a good sized sinker. Big old muddy won't be able to resist that vibrating morsel for long!
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