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lawn/grass question.


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so, last night on the #4 news at 10 pm, they had this Rebacca Kohls  talking about getting your lawn ready for winter/next spring. she talked about the drought and dead grass. long story short she says if your grass is dead to wait till the ground is froze in nov/dec and spread grass seed in the dead area. the melting snow come spring with push it in enough to allow it to germinate and grow.


any lawn experts here?????? i'm not really buying it but could change my mind. i'm sure areas of my lawn are toast!!!!!! they also said if the grass is dead fertilizing it is a waste!!!!!

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Sounds logical to me.  This rain will tell ya what’s truly dead vs dormant.  Fall overseeding has been popular for a while.  I plan to put out all the seed I didn’t get down this spring.  

Probably a good thing I didn’t get it done as it would’ve been a waste.  I’ve trenched in our main power service and another circuit to the pergola/fountain so I have some scars to cover up in addition to the bare spots from too much shade and rocky soil.


Rebecca has been around a while.  Was on the news before and transitioned to her own thing Rebecca’s Garden to follow her passion.  Kind of like MN’s own Martha Stewart without the rap sheet. ?

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I think I have mowed my yard more times in September and October this year than I did in April, May, June, July and August combined.


Just need a good hard frost to and hopefully that's the end of mowing for year soon. If I recall correctly we had snow about this time last year.

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I'm still not done cutting mine.

Pleasantly surprised with this years 60v Toro purchase.

I was also surprised how well unwatered lawns and park grass bounced back this late summer/fall.

Hurry up and dump trees, I need to get the lawn height down to its winter blow all the leaves somewhere else length.

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