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Strikemaster Mora Problem


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Just bought this hand auger a week ago and got it out on the ice for the first time on Saturday. I was excited. I had been using a friends Eskimo hand auger and was pumped to have my own.

Problem is, it barely cut through the ice.

To start with it would just skid across the top of the ice and not "bite" in so that I could start drilling. Once it did, it took at least two minutes per hole. As a comparison, with the Eskimo, I was popping them in 30 seconds or less. I drilled four holes with it and I was totally spent, no way did I want to drill another.

Did I get a dud? Defective blades?

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As dumb as it may sound.....

Make sure it has the right size blades on it.

When I was a kid I was gifted that same auger. Hand boring a hole is hard enough for a 10 year old, but having 8" blades on a 7" auger made it very difficult laugh

Is it new or used? The blades could be dull or off pitch too.

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Is auger brand new?

Sounds like blades need shimming, I had a 6 inch mora years ago that did the same thing and it needs the blades to be shimmed, or the blades are just plain old dull, it can happen.

Yea they might seem to be sharp but if the edge is rolled over or even the smalled imperfection it will cause trouble.

Hope you get it squared away and let us know what you find out.

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Yep, brand new. The very first hole I though "[PoorWordUsage] is going on here"?

From what I have read you have to buy new blades?

The real bummer is I just tossed the box it came in, so stupid frown

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I was gifted a used 7" mora from a cousin that had very little use used it once and thought I would give up icefishing after that decided to change the blades and it was night and day would never get rid of it for a back up I would agree with the above that it maybe the pitch or the blades to bad it was new good though.

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If auger is new and you cant return , go buy the exact model put the junk bladed one in the box and get a refund. The auger should work without you having to mess with shimming the blades, being that it is brand new. Where are all u strikemaster slush pushers ? Help this guy out!

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