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  1. Dozer

    charging camper batteries from vehicle

    I have amp gauges in my fish house and that charges about 8amps when the pcikup is running. Takes a long time to make any charging progress at 8amps.
  2. Dozer

    Value of an old Chevy?

    A running driving 4X4 Chevy is always worth something. I would say $3000 would be a good ball park.
  3. Dozer

    Fish House Frame Coatings

    That is exactly what it is made for. Paint Over Rust, look at their HSOforum. I belive all they would recomend in your case is a wire brush to knock off he loose stuff.
  4. Dozer

    Fish House Frame Coatings

    Its behind the counter here in North Branch but im not sure if they carry the cleaner or prep spray. Welle Auto supply in Blaine has it all and it was $5 a quart cheaper on the POR15. Is anouther $5-$10 cheaper on E------Bay.
  5. Dozer

    Fish House Frame Coatings

    I forgot to mention in my earlier post that when I painted mine I had some spots that it dripped on my concrete shop floor, its still there 1.5 years later. Its really good stuff. I used less than 3 quarts to do 2 coats on mine. I also bought their cleaner and prep spray, I have enought left over to do 4 more frames.
  6. Dozer

    Fish House Frame Coatings

    Anouther vote for POR15. Ive got 2 seasons on mine and aprox 4000 miles with excelent results. Only bad spots I have are where it rubbed on the concrete and one small spot behind each wheel where the rocks off the tires must get around the mud flaps and have chipped it off.
  7. Go plug it in when its dark out, you should be able to hear/see a spark when the plug and extension cord connect. I dont think a block heater is going to heat it up enough to help you with effciency, there only 400watts.
  8. Dozer

    Can am outlander vs. Yamaha grizzly

    I have an 05 660 Grizzly. There are no fuel injected 660 grizzlys, gotta either a 700 or 550 for that. The first year 660 grizzlys (02) had weak axles. 02s and 03s had over heating problems but there was a recall to fix that. A stock 660 will run with a 500 outlander but not even close to a 650 outlander. If I where you I would pay more for a Outlander. My next wheeler will be one.
  9. Dozer

    Propane box/cover - Aluminum Diamond Plated

    Firebrand houses have one, maybe they will sell you one.
  10. I guess its not so much the AWD im worried about, my concern is this transfer case is designed for on road street use not off road lake use. There is no Low range in the transfer case but im not real concerned about that since I cant remember the last time I used Low range.
  11. Im in the market for a different truck, looking at a Denali. Truck has a 6.2l and a 6speed. What makes me nervous is the AWD, is this going to be an issue bombing around the lake with chains on pulling a wheel house. How is it going to pull my 8.5'/16' wheel house? Will the 6speed make up for the 3.42 gears?
  12. Dozer

    Wheel house auger

    I bought an Ion in December and couldnt be happier. The reverse is the ticket. 8 holes in the wheel house with a slush bucket and there is only about a ice cream bucket worth of slush in the bucket total. It is really slick.
  13. Dozer

    Which Vexilar Do I Want?

  14. Dozer

    Which Vexilar Do I Want?

    Ive had a Fl-18 for years, bought a Fl-28 Ultra pack this fall and havent used the 18 since. Really like my 28. As stated before the case is a joke, its been in the cabinet with the Fl-18 since December.